Gift some truly fast-paced and addictive games


Funskool continues to be in the forefront of developing dynamic games for creative and alert children keeping pace with today’s competitive world. Their products – ranging from traditional to high-tech – are developed keeping the evolving needs of children and changing times in mind. 

In the next few blogs, we shall be checking some interesting games across broad themes. They also have on offer tantalizing travel games and superb strategy games for those who ‘have or claim to have a greater percentage of the gray matter, or for those aspiring to increase that.’

These games are a series of intriguing and exciting ideas that sure will enrich and sharpen your thinking process. On the other hand, their series of travel games ensure that you do not miss out on fun quotient when going on a picnic or a vacation with your family, friends or office colleagues.

Funskool’s fun-filled travel games are compact to carry. They are thoughtfully designed and come with self-contained storage trays, making them absolutely convenient. Plus they have quick set-up facilities. Just open them up and enter a world of boundless fun!

Here are some interesting games on offer from the leading toymaker:

Snakes & Ladders: A game that’s been around for centuries! Land on a ladder to climb, on a lippery snake and oops it’s downhill all the way. Find out who makes it first!

Tr. game stay alive: It’s all about staying alive! A subtle game that needs an alert mind and thoughts that keep racing!

Game of games: For those who can never be satisfied with one game here are 14 games in 1! Action strategy words and chance come together on a single board. 14 times the fun!

Globetrotters’ game: Jet set around the world answering questions on each region. A Trivial Pursuit game that takes you at break-neck speed across continents!

Monopoly deal card game: The fast-paced, addictive card game where your luck can change in the play of a card.

(Information and image courtesy: Funskool)

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