Gift-shopping in states of India – Kerala’s treasures

The holiday season is in full swing. Shopping for friends and relatives is an inseparable and the most enjoyable element of holidaying. We suggest you some exclusive and ethnic gift ideas. We start with Kerala. Here is what you can get as a gift from the state:

Kathakali masks: The Kathakali masks, an icon of Kerala’s culture-scape, are available as little, pretty souvenirs and showpieces. The masks are available at the government owned emporiums across Kerala and also at handicrafts showrooms near most famous temples and tourist destinations in the state.

Sandalwood sculptures: They are a tad expensive, but they bear the mark of the fragrance of a rich land and its and memories. The sandalwood sculptures are among the most popular souvenirs like the icons of Ganapathy, the elephant headed god; the trinity of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (Mahesh), little snake boats and elephants.

Vaikkol chritrangal (straw picture): The beautiful backwaters and the evening sky, huts and hamlets, hills and valleys, boat race, village fairs, festivals… all these spellbinding sights of Kerala are superbly captured and brought to life in straw art.

Treasure Chest (Netturpetti): It is the ethnic jewel box of the women in Kerala, and was once a majestic mark of the influential families of the land. The casket (petti) originally designed in Malabar’s Nettur region is testimony to the skill and patience of the artisans. The box made of rosewood is handcrafted. Every joint, screw and lock is shaped and chiseled by hand. The wooden box is varnished and later fixed with brass frames. This richly embellished box (with its conical lid) is today a collector’s item. The casket is fast turning a rare object.

Murals: Kerala is among India’s leading states including Rajasthan that boast a large collection of murals based on ancient Indian mythological themes. The Kerala murals have the stamp of unique aesthetic composition and techniques. Most of these murals were painted in the period between 15th and 19th centuries.

Payyannur Pavithra Mothiram: It is a uniquely crafted golden ring. Shaped like a knot, it is considered a sacred ornament.

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