Ideas for gifting New Year diaries


When it comes to gifting diaries, you can get innovative and imaginative to leave a lasting impression on your client’s mind. For instance, some years ago, communication expert Mudar Patherya has in the past designed many unique diaries. Many of them were based on a specific theme, related to the company’s core business.

For instance, the lafarge diary was based on the theme ‘character is the only cement, which holds the world together’ and was full of anecdotal stories. On the other hand, the standard chartered diary was called ‘life’s savings, a bank of inspiration’. The diary had inspirational tales from sports, religion, and other domains of life.

You can get diaries designed with peace and harmony as the core theme for this year has witnessed many turbulent events with Mumbai being hit by terror attacks and leading metros of India having been exposed to bomb blasts. You can spread the message of prosperity and brotherhood and building of trust.

If you are looking to get the job done in quick time, ADINDIA is your option. They make diaries that are flawlessly and fluently printed on the finest quality of paper with easy to use and customized formats. In fact, customization is the key aspect of the whole exercise. You should look to strike a personal note with each client, even in your formal gifting exercise on eve of the New Year.

These diaries are bound in exquisite Leather/Leather Jackets, Leatherite, PC+ and Hard Bound, Vinyl & Wiro binding. They are accentuated further by gild-edged pages, handy ribbon markers and Tab Cutted Months besides inclusion of Year & Forward Planners, STD and ISD Codes, Travel and Meeting charts, Weights, Measures and Health Guide, World Time, Currencies, Airports, National and International Air Distances and City Guide Maps.

Do not go for too flashy concepts and gaudy designs this year, we suggest, since even the corporate world has been shaken by the tragic turn of events in the city of Mumbai. This year, the celebrations are likely to be more low-key, and you should not go overboard in your gifting exercise in keeping with the prevailing sentiment.

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