Gift it like Beckham to prove the ‘worth’ of your relationship


What birthday gift would one get for his woman who has everything under the sky at her feet? If gifting is all about proving the ‘worth’ of your relationship, the equation can prove to be quite costly. A recent high-profile gifting act involving an international sporting icon is a testimony to this.

If you are David Beckham shopping for your moody wife Victoria, what is it that you can come up with to pamper her and make her feel gratified? No doubt, in this case the scale of the whole exercise matters a great deal! So you do not just spring some fine wine, you are obliged to pick up the entire winery. This is what exactly David Beckham did. Becks reportedly picked up the tab on a multi-million dollar vineyard in picturesque Napa Valley to celebrate Posh’s birthday recently, her 34th incidentally.

It seems like a grand gesture, even going by David Beckham standards, so what made him to go for it? Gossip magazines were abuzz with reports that the vineyard was meant to keep restless Victoria busy. One gossip magazine reported, quoting a source to the couple,

“David feels like Victoria needs something to do other than shopping and going to parties. He is hoping she will get into the wine business and settle into some kind of regular routine.”

David Beckham unveiled the surprise on holiday with showbiz pals Katie Holmes, Seal, Heidi Klum, Tom Cruise, and Len Wiseman. Another source close to the celebrity couple revealed having a vineyard is also probably meant to keep Posh happy stateside.

“David does not miss the level of fame he had in England, Victoria does. Her experience in the States hasn’t been what she hoped for. Her clothing line never took off; she doesn’t have loads of girlfriends. Maybe this will be a good distraction,” narrated the source.

Becks and Posh relationship has had weathered many storms in the post, often on the brink of a breakdown. Becks is desperate to keep it going ‘at any cost’! That’s the difference between us and celebs! And he can afford it to. So we get a bottle of wine for birthday celebrations; he could get the vineyard.

Irrespective of this grand gesture, we still firmly believe that it’s the sentiment and not the hidden motive that communicates the sincerity of the act of gifting. A lavish gift cannot be a balm for broken hearts. It may only point to a lingering guilt conscious.

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