Gift cards ‘vouch’ for your sincere sentiments

A popular form of a gift card is the one issued by retail establishments. They are just one among the various types of prepaid cards offered by banks and other financial institutions.

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A retailer will give a card instead of a voucher. This type of card is an improved version of a gift voucher, as it allows multiple transactions to be carried out. It’s a smart corporate gift option, as it entails a lot of benefits.

You may think that a gift card and a gift voucher are one and the same. Even though they appear similar to each other, there is slight difference between the two. Basically speaking, a gift card is a hybrid between a debit card and a gift voucher. Being so, it provides the receiver with a twin advantage – flexibility of the former with the functionality of the latter.

Basics of securing and using a gift card

For getting a gift card, you need to fill a basic form and hand over the identity proof plus the cash to any local bank branch. You will be issued it on the same day. You need to check about the fees and limits, if any including those for processing your gift card application. The ceiling on the gifting amount – minimum and maximum – will vary depending on the bank you approach. Also, if the gift card is presented before the activation has been done and if the receiver immediately uses it, the transaction will be declined.

Some shopping chains have on offer M-voucher. It can be employed to pay for purchases made online without giving away credit card details. All one needs to do is just enter the mobile number and a few other details and authorize the payment with a pin number at the time of purchasing the voucher.

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