Gift Books on World Book Day celebrations

The World Book and Copyright Day has become established as the biggest global event aimed at promoting the pure joy of books and habit of reading. The day has been designated by UNESCO as a celebration of knowledge sharing through books. It’s marked in over 100 countries.

The celebrations are launched in March, with Britain stealing a march, literally over other countries. The origins of the day, celebrated in the UK & Ireland owe their origin to Catalonia, where books and roses were given as gifts on St. George’s Day to loved ones. In Catalonia, on 23 April (Saint George’s Day), for each book sold a rose is traditionally given as a gift. Most other countries hold World Book and Copyright Day on 23rd April every year.

Indeed, giving books as a gift can be a real meaningful gesture. According to a recent survey on gifting patterns conducted by Nielsen India, books were mentioned as their preferred gifting item by 49 per cent people. But the choice was found to be more popular with the mature group aged 45 and above.

To cater to them, many leading bookstore brands in India have opened spacious shops in leading metros of the country where book lovers can discover the pleasure of buying books. They can hang around for as much time as they wish to. One can see even youths leafing through books of their choice, lolling in comfy sofas with their favorite author or genre for company at these bookstores, which indeed is an encouraging sign.

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