Gift a moment of Bollywood glory

Do you want to make your friend or colleague act and think like a star? Quite possible that the person might have visualized himself or herself in a super hit Bollywood romantic movie? It does not matter at all if he or she hasn’t had any acting lessons or do not have an iota of acting skill to be part of the tinsel world.

These movie posters look like a painting when hung on the wall. And when they are customized, they look even more stunning. You can now make someone a star and have one posing in a scene from one’s favorite film poster. This can become possible thanks to Arvind Chudasama who gives one a moment of eternal glory.

An animator by profession, Chudasama for the last two years has been painting and digitally morphing photographs and then placing it on movie posters. It is a hobby that turned into a professional venture when he was designing a poster for a new film. He did it by hand, using colored pencil. He made a similar experiment with different film posters, and it worked.

He started by putting his own photographs on his favorite movie posters and slowly graduated to featuring his friends in movie posters of their choice. His personal favorite is the one he made for an anniversary function. He morphed the old couple’s photos as the leading stars on the Kabhi Kabhi poster. He can do such innovative posters.

They are usually a mix of digital modification and hand paint job. It takes at least two to three days to finish the poster.
His clientele range from romantic college students, die-hard fans of old cinemas and foreigners crazy about Bollywood films. College students seek posters featuring them with their girlfriends or boyfriends. DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge) has many takers even today.

A fantastic film poster with your friend a part of it will make a truly offbeat gift. It costs roughly between Rs8,000 to Rs12,000 (Contact: 98208 76707). Such customized movie posters exude a special charm of their own.

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