We all need peaceful sleep, a rare commodity in today’s stressed living, Its the sleep quality that decides the efficiency of our working life so it’s important how well we really sleep! Which is why, it’s vital to make sure that you sleep as comfortably as possible. Hush is a brand that helps achieve just that.

Hush is about making your night’s sleep absolutely comfortable, exactly the way you wish it to be. From creating the perfect mattresses to rest your body on, to making the right kind of pillows to rest your head on and designing duvets that blend in with the shape of your body, Hush is absolutely passionate about making sleeping a divine experience for everyone and hence has on offer a vast range of products on offer for the purpose.

  • The new favorite alternative to conventional blankets, Hush premium quality duvets are light weight, washable and easy to maintain. Please refer to our duvet menu for more details on our range of duvets. At Hush, the mattresses range greatly in price: from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 80,000.
  • Keeping in mind that a good night’s sleep is one of the best investments you can make, it is recommended that you buy and gift the best mattress that you can afford. In fact, a Rs. 40,000 sleep set costs less than Rs. 11 per night (based on a full 5 year warranty).
  • The Softex material in Hush pillows, cushions and bolsters prevents lumps, and evenly distributes head and body weight. It ensures more comfort, less neck and body strain. Non-allergenic and drip dry washable; Hush pillows are the first choice of leading hotels and homes across India. Please refer to our pillow menu for more details on our range of pillows.
  • When the entire spectrum of colors is in perfect harmony, it creates one single color – white. A color so pure and divine that it soothes instantly and yet so strong that it cleanses and purifies the entire energy system. No wonder, world over white is the most preferred choice in bed linen. After all nothing feels better than slipping between crisp white bed sheets for a long peaceful sleep and waking up feeling fresh on a cloud of white pillows. Experience the same feeling with Hush Bed linen.
  • The creators of The Hush Home have intelligently combined aesthetics with practicality and brought for you world-class furniture. Even the outdoor furniture at The Hush Home is guaranteed to transport you to a beautiful, lush place you may have perhaps seen only in foreign movies and dreamed about.

Hush India Private Limited

46, Saki Vihar Road, Saki Naka, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 072.
Email: marketing@hush.in

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