Gift Yoga books, VCDs and cassettes

In the previous post, we suggested options for gym membership as an offbeat but highly effective mode to build a ‘healthy’ bond with friends and colleagues who really matter to you and to whom exercise matters owing to their hectic and stressed lifestyle.

You can help them in their quest to maintain themselves that much more with a ‘healthy’ gift. In this post, we shall consider an interesting Yoga-related gift idea. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is indeed a fine body of work.

In a short but sweet compilation, the magical personality offered insight into basic tenets of mysticism and various methods for experiencing altered states of consciousness; setting on a path to absoluteness.

Their website states: “Yoga stimulates the parasympathetic system and thus works against stress. Regular relaxation exercises help in developing the witness attitude and help one, to distance oneself from the apparent causes of stress.

Patanjali yoga, if carried out, true to its original spirit as mentioned in the yoga sutras, can truly calm you in body and mind. Right since 1918, the renowned Yoga Institute in the city of Mumbai (located in the serene suburbs of Santa Cruz) has been disseminating disciplined and graded lessons on

Yoga and has been publishing them in pocket editions. These act as a guide on Yoga and meditation practices. There are popular publications such as the ‘Yoga Asanas Simplified’.

It offers a perfect course of Yoga tenets for daily practice. The books, written by authorities like Shri Yogendra, have given a contemporary touch to the ancient science of Yoga.

The valuable offerings like books, VCDs and cassettes at the Yoga Institute present a balanced course of Yoga and techniques of rhythmic breathing during yoga. You can get books, VCDs and cassettes at the Yoga Institute, which make a timely gift under the circumstances.

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