‘Get what you truly want’ as a gift

GIVTED, a new digital service, which lets friends organize a gorgeous gift for any joyous, special occasion, has been grabbing headlines. It has been formed as a sort of retaliation against getting or presenting sundry items as a gift owing to lack of budget or choices. ‘Get what you truly want’, it proclaims, claiming to reinvent the ubiquitous gift-card as the ‘GIVTCARD’. Here are some of the facets of the service:

GIVTCARD reverses the usual gifting process: initiated by you, though offered by friends it delivers the surprise but takes away the guessing. Made easy, social and mobile everything starts from your “want list”… and friends do the rest!

It begins with a ‘Want List’. Collect and manage a list of things you want, taken from the web or on the go with the Givted mobile app, to share with friends. Friends select one of your “wants”, invite other friends, and chip in money online for the gift.

GIVTCARDS – Personalized by friends they are received by email, our app or air mail and then redeemed online through your bank account in the form of cash for the purchase of your gift.

Add a WANT is the action of registering a new want in your wantlist that can come from its givted ‘get inspired’ section; your own computer images; a site you love (you enter the url, it does the rest), or around you (you use your mobile app- download it on apple store). Buy Link means a link provided by GIVTED as a possibility to buy a certain product. Buy links point to third party owners. GIVTED does not guaranty any services with this third party provider.  The calendar gives you access to all of your friends’ birthday dates and all events organized.

Last but not the least, the catalog or Get Inspired section will gather all the wishes of the website and even GIVTED suggestions. It lets you be inspired so that you can add in more and more wants to your list.

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