Get a special gift for your Guru today

Our teachers are our most valuable resource whether they teach a child during the school hours or in the after school informal talks. They are shaping tomorrow’s generation into responsible citizens. It is a service with a selfless motive, albeit seldom appreciated. Even though teachers never expect it, they do deserve a big THANK YOU. Guru Purnima is the occasion to express our gratitude, and flowers sure are perhaps one of the best means of saying it silently.

While gifting flowers on Guru Purnima, try to find out your teacher’s favorite flower, and make sure you gift it. If you cannot know your teacher’s choice for some reason, there is no need to despair. You can present a nice bouquet comprising different varieties of flowers, arranged nicely. Some of the popular varieties that your teacher would appreciate are Roses, Carnations, Orchids, Lilies, etc.

Flowering shrubs are perfect for any occasion, and Guru Purnima is no exception. Their wide array of form, foliage, flowers can yield year-round fruitful joy.Shrubs that flower almost throughout the year; they have bushy shape and size. They offer a long-lived, low-fuss, eye-catching framework in any gorgeous design. Ixora, Pentas, Hibiscus, Mosanda, Lantana etc. are the popular choices.

You may get flowers either from your home garden or from market, but make it a point to present them well as a beautiful bouquet. Cover it with thin plastic sheet from the sides, leaving the top open, and decorate it with colorful ribbons. Do not forget to tag a small card, with a thoughtful message on it.

You can also ask a florist shop to deliver the bouquet to your teacher’s home early morning wishing him/her happy Guru Purnima. In this way, you will be the first one to wish your teacher on this special day. Remember that the gesture of giving gift is more valuable than the gift itself and its price tag.

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