Ganesha handbags from Leiber: a piece to treasure

 MinaudiereLeiber is a brand synonymous with high-fashion bags. The world-famous brand has just arrived in India. The Ganesha Minaudiere , a 12,000 Swarovski crystals studded handbag, has just been launched by Leiber in India.

Leiber bags stand for elegance, style, and sophistication. Each creation is marked by flawless hand craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. The products are on the cutting edge of high fashion, with a timeless classic touch. They are beautifully crafted, intricately detailed, and are like pieces of art done with finesse.

Judith LeiberJudith Leiber, founder of the brand, is from Hungary, who started the company in the US in 1963. A creator of over 3,000 different purse designs, she is famed for her Swarovski crystal covered ‘minaudieres’. These are smaller purses that carry florid designs. Nature, architecture and Asian art are among her inspirations.

Lieber handbags, made by skilled craftsmen, are treated as collector’s items. Their beading can take up to 10 days – with over 10,000 to 18,000 crystals applied by hand. The designs are a signature of unique style and sophistication.

Their Ganesha inspired limited edition of bags, priced at Rs 2.6 lakh, is something unique, and special! Its creator, Frank Zambrelli has looked at 700 images of the elephant-headed Hindu god before deciding upon the perfect shape. He justifies the price tag by pointing to the high level of craftsmanship involved, a box hand-stamped in brass, plated with gold, and embellished with thousands of colored crystals.

The first Leiber boutique is to open when DLF Emporia gets launched this summer in New Delhi. Take a look at Leiber’s luxurious collection at

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