Ganesha collection in precious stones provides ample gifting options

This one’s a blissful alliance. Lord Ganesha, The divine remover of obstacles fuses with the popular pink gemstone, rose quartz. The latest Ganesha collection from comprises rose quartz-carved idols. The beauty lies in the ‘imperfections’ of the stunning stone.Ganesha in Rose QuartzThe collection offers a glimpse of Ganesha in various precious and semi-precious stones like emeralds, rubies, aventurine (also called Indian jade), rose quartz and crystal. None of these can be replicated. Each gemstone is unique in the way it is shaped naturally. A modest Ganesha gemstone idol will cost just about Rs 1,000. The price of a rose quartz Ganesha idol can get as high as Rs 2.5 million.

Ganesha GemstoneDinesh Poddar, the managing director of Ma Passion, and his wife Shilpa began collecting gemstone sculptures as a sheer hobby, and later launched their venture, currently involving 25 traditional artisans from Jaipur. The couple spotted the potential that this rich art form that was at it prime in the Mughal era. The two are striving to revive and nurture a ‘5,000 years old priceless historical tradition of art. Besides their aesthetic appeal, their inherent value will only appreciate with time. The stones are said to have several health benefits, too. For example, rose quartz is termed the cornerstone for the heart chakra. It boosts inner peace.

Each of the pieces is exclusive since they are all hand-worked. This is not a fancy designer stuff. There is a deliberate harking back to the traditional influences, with themes inspired by mythology, legends, astrology and spiritualism.

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