Gain goodwill with environmentally friendly branded bags

Throwaway plastic and paper bags can be harmful to environment, so alternatives are being actively sought. Keeping this in mind, Norquest Brands Private Limited has come up with some attractive options that will act as an effective substitute in form of Nice big bags that can easily fold into little pouches.

A pouch bag

It fits comfortably into a pocket or a handbag and leaves no argument in favor of plastic bags. When you invest in one of the folding pouch bags and offer them to your customers, you are giving them a means to feel good about themselves. It’s cost-effective and wonderful way of gaining customer’s goodwill.

Cotton wine bag

Giving a bottle of wine is such a joy. This is a graceful re-usable alternative to gift wrapping a bottle of wine. It will add panache and style to your winery or store brand at an amazingly low price. If you run a retail shop, putting your logo on it for gifting or re-use will sure work as a promotional tactic!

Conference bags

Delegates at business conferences won’t mind receiving an elegant cotton bag that they can use so as to carry the notes and papers. No one ever will like to throw it away even after the conference is over, and many are seen carrying it with them. In other words, these bags get re-used, spreading your message for a longer duration. What other conference giveaway can deliver so much branding value?

Gift bags

Giving gifts is such a joy. The most gratifying feeling in the world is the sight of happiness on someone’s face when you know you partly contributed to it. But, in bringing pleasure to the hearts of those we care for, do we sometimes overlook the impact of our generosity on our environment?  Use-once-and-throw-away gift wrapping is heartbreaking; such beautiful things shouldn’t have to be torn and thrown away. Here’s one nice alternative: Re-usable gift bags. If you run a gift store, putting your logo on environmentally friendly gift bags gifting or re-use is a great branding strategy.

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