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It’s not just in India but almost all across the globe that board games are clawing their way back into the popular party circuit. They are grabbing newspaper headlines and drawing everyone’s attention.

Even Hollywood is fast realizing the immense potential of scripting tales around such traditional games. Ridley Scott will be working on a film along the lines of popular Monopoly.
On the other hand, Universal is also keen on scripting a saga around Battleship, it is rumored. Research has shown that parents who played any board game at least once every week with their children during spare time tend to develop strong relationships later.

The board game loving fathers tend to bond better with their children than those who didn’t. All these are good enough excuses to jump onto the board game bandwagon. You can bond better with your family members, colleagues and friends through board game. Gifting them will add value to your relationship.

One fantastic resource for accessing a wide range of wonderful in house entertainment is Funskool. It offers among the most exciting options towards complete child and family entertainment. Their website describes the venture as ‘a world of Happy Kids & Happy Families.”

Outlining their business philosophy, it adds: “We at Funskool uphold the highest standards of excellence and quality. We believe fun and education form a natural alliance. Infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers and schoolchildren, all can learn as they play. The wide range of our toys help children across all age groups to improve creativity, logical thinking, hand-eye-co-ordination, auditory discrimination, vocabulary, problem solving skills, and even general-purpose academic intelligence.”

Funskool’s vice president (sales & marketing division), R Jeswant, asks, “How can board games make a comeback? In fact, they never left us.” He adds that the company has registered a good 40 percent growth in the current financial year in the popular board games category alone. Funskool recently tied up with IIT Mumbai for developing a host of ‘homegrown’ games for consumers.

Students made board games as part of their industrial design course and Funskool opted to distribute them. Jeswant explains that the fascinating family games demand skill and aptitude. With its large customer base the company continues to offer well researched and time-tested toys.  Importantly, their products are safe and durable. They provide children with excellent play value.

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