Financial security is your best gift to someone you care:

As we are discussing gold ETFs, we just went through our archives and managed to dig out an interesting post, entitled A golden gift to secure your partner’s financial life.

It would be pertinent to reproduce this post we published on eve of the Valentine’s Day. The idea is just to reemphasize the importance of your gold ETFs in your financial planning.

“The painful slowdown may have curbed your gifting instincts and might have shelved Cupid’s arrow this Valentine’s, points out an Economic Times report.  In this season for roses, love notes and cards, your best gift to someone you really care would be to ensure the person’s financial security, it adds.

“You can gift your partner gold ETFs as well as gold deposit schemes that are floated by jewelry houses. For example, Gold Harvest Scheme accepts small deposits on monthly for a specified period that can later be used to purchase jewelry.
“Nikunj Kedia, director of PARK Financial Advisors, suggests that gold is among the best suited investment options for challenging occasions like these, as it will result in a successful marriage of consumption needs and investment objective.
“Sunil Raj, marketing manager of Tanishq’s pure gold division, has been quote as saying: “Customers who enroll for this scheme can pay in easy installments for 11 months. The company will bear costs for the 12th month. Effectively, depositors stand to get around 15% of return on their savings.”
“India Post, in association with Reliance Money and World Gold Council, is planning to come out with a gold accumulation plan that will facilitate buying small quantities during a particular month when investors have the money.
“The ET report quotes financial planner Kartik Jhaveri as saying: “A gold fund or ETF would be a better option compared to buying jewelry as a gift. The underlying asset is gold that has shown steady returns even during the uncertain times. Just to sum up, this is a gift that your partner will showcase with pride and its glitter will never fade away!” 

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