Exquisite product varieties suited for corporate environment

Swiss Military Products S. A. is a renowned organization, which has been instrumental in introducing several Premium Swiss Lifestyle Products. The products have been brought to the Indian markets under the brand ‘Swiss Military’ & ‘Alpine Club of Switzerland’.

The firm is the Master Franchisee for the brands that also sells its Hanowa watches in 40 different countries as well as its whole range of quality products through over 700 outlets in Switzerland.

The exquisite products being marketed in India make a premium lifestyle & gift accessories. These include Baggage, Watches, Writing Instruments, and Accessories such as Cigarette Lighters, Mugs, Torches, Key Chains, Hip Flasks, etc.

To segregate the distinct product categories ‘Alpine club of Switzerland’ includes various Accessories, Baggage & Garments, whereas Swiss Military comprises Watches, Writing Instruments, Baggage & Garments. The former caters to the more outgoing, adventurous and casual segment, whereas ‘Swiss Military’ has more professional and formal image. So, it addresses a different target audience.

The bandwidth helps the franchisee to be able to offer product varieties for each and every customer in the corporate environment. The brands are available at their exclusive outlets run under the banner of ‘SWISS JUNCTION’.

Marketing such brands has stemmed from the very realization that there exists a huge and significant gap between the high-end products that are available in the market with exorbitant prices and those aiming for mass scale production but with little room for  quality and finish. 

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