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The Pranda Group maintains major competitive advantages owing to its business philosophy, adherence to quality, attention to each individual customer’s needs and its wider reach. The group is well aware of the demand of total confidentiality while working with clients, regarding designs as well as their marketing plans. Its Costume Jewelry Division manufactures superior quality jewelry for several International Brands.

In a skill driven, labour intensive industry such as jewelry manufacturing, the attitude of employees, at every level, is essential to success, as is their awareness of the importance of Core Values, Pranda realizes. Following them is viewed as a main driver to achieve organizational goals. The following 3 originated from brainstorming sessions held among Pranda Group member companies are critical:

1. Teamwork
2. Continuous Improvement
3. Stakeholder Focus

Design and Product Development Base

With over 200 expert skilled staff members, it runs a major design facilities – one of the biggest in the industry. It incorporates a mini factory for quick turnaround of samples. The unit has a number teams, each one led by experienced Product Managers who keep in mind needs and demands of specific regions of the world from where they operate. Their product managers and designers visit most Jewelry and Accessories exhibits to stay tuned to worldwide trends in the industry.

The group is well aware of the need for confidentiality when working with clients in relation to their designs and marketing plans. The chairman note on the official site further elaborates: “Having worked with many Global Brands for a number of years, we have an established, and unrivaled reputation for integrity and confidentiality with particular regard to the Marketing and Design concepts of our clients. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR) shows that not only do we care deeply about the well being of our employees, but also the environment, our customers, suppliers and our shareholders.”

We fully recognise the time and commitment that our customers have invested in their brands, and are equally committed to ensure that our employment procedures and environmental care will not be the cause of any bad publicity, or concern to our customers or their Brands.

Pranda Jewelry

Telephone : 91 (22) 2568 2121, 2569 2121
Fax : 91 (22) 2568 2121, 2569 2121

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