Timely gift ideas for both school and college going children

With rains in the air, chirpy children are set to be back to school. It’s that time of the year to meet old classmates, to plan out for the new academic year, to shop for books, notebooks and to get other accessories. If you rewind back to your childhood days, college and school reopening has a charm of its own, you would agree.

As you would all recount, making new friends, uniting with old classmates, it’s all fun! Some schools have already opened up and colleges will start soon. SSC and HSC students are waiting for their respective admission formalities to be completed.

If you want to strike a bond with a family friend, relative or office colleagues having school or college going children, there can be no perfect occasion than this to give a meaningful and useful gift. You can convert some ubiquitous objects into exciting gifts for children, and make them happy.

Buying new uniforms, shoes, water bottles, raincoat…the list is endless. Why do make all these a mere routine purchase? Get something for children, which will put a twinkle in their eyes and will bring a smile on their faces! After all, gifting is about spreading happiness, isn’t it? Here are some ideas to help you in making your choice.

• There are unique umbrellas and raincoats specially designed for children and in colors that delight children of all ages. To wade through monsoon waters, you can get specially designed cute umbrellas for little ones.

• Erasers in the shape of Tweetie and Bugs Bunny, water bottles shaped like Winnie-the-Pooh will certainly fascinate the children.

• Fancy lunch boxes will be another good pick. With varieties galore and so much choice, buying a gift for children will be a pleasure in itself.

• Several brands, such as Camlin, ITC, Crayola, Apsara, Sundaram, and Pidilite are leaders in the school products range.

You can only add to the fun by giving some interesting and timely gifts.

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