Corporate gifting, a detailed note on the Monginis site elaborates, is a long-term investment in professional and personal relationships that hold the key for future. There are several articles to strike a chord for any organization, such as food consumables as gifts. As the popular saying goes, “the way to man’s heart is through the stomach…”

Monginis is among the top cake brands in India, committed to making ‘personalized’ deliveries across most cities in India, giving you unlimited creativity thanks to their experience of handling corporate gifting of reputed companies.

They also have a range of crispy, crunchy cookies, with longer shelf life and transport friendly. The most popular amongst them are Shrewsbury, Tutti Fruity, Choco-Chips and Badam Cookies. The brand makes hand-made chocolates in different flavours and shapes. These are packed in very attractive boxes, but if one desires to have a special exclusive packing, it can also be organized.

Monginis can create a special bonding between you and your Customers / Clients, can also help you in keeping your Employees happy, and handle the prestigious Corporate Special occasions. With appropriate gifts, you can:

  • Send warm wishes with a wonderful gist to attract new clients
  • Build existing relationships
  • Thank clients and business associates
  • Recognize employee’s performance
  • Celebrate milestones and successes
  • Remember staff birthdays and anniversaries
  • Bring a smile on someone’s face…..

A survey by American Express revealed that almost half of corporate gift selections are now food-related, replacing the flowers and gift cards that have dominated earlier. Flexibility, choice and the near-universal appeal of indulgent foods allow businesses to easily find a custom solution that invokes a positive feeling and a sense of bonding in recipients.

Corporate Gifting Occasions

Birthdays / Anniversaries: People are most receptive and are happy on their birthdays / anniversaries.Birthdays & Anniversaries Cake. It’s a landmark in their lives. There cannot be any other better timing to approach them than these.

Festivals: Diwali, X’mas or New Year are among the most popular gifting occasions;

Special Days Like Doctor’s Day could be a very good opportunity to approach them.

Foundation day or Annual Day of an organization; New product launch; and New office / factory opening are among other occasions that can be perfect for a slice of luscious cake.

Why cakes for Corporate Gifting?

Cakes are strongly associated with celebrations and happy moments. If organization is targeting birthdays / anniversaries for gifting, then there cannot be a better gift than the Cake to create an everlasting impression. For festive occasions like X’mas / New Year, cake is the most appropriate gift.

Last but not the least, it stands out in a clutter of gifts one receives on popular occasions

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