Educational products and accessories to gift

There is an amazing variety of educational products and accessories from leading brands that you can choose to gift to students either to encourage them to do well or to appreciate their good performance. In the backdrop of SSC results, these products will make a memorable gesture.

India’s top FMCG brand ITC made a foray into the stationery business eight years ago with their premium range of notebooks. In the last five years, they have augmented the popular range. The company continues to blend its core capabilities to market a wide range of education and stationery products.

Their popular stationery Brands are ‘Classmate’ and ‘Paperkraft’. The former addresses the needs of schoolchildren whereas Paperkraft is targeted towards college students and executives. ITC Paperkraft range comprises premium stationery in hard, soft covers and multiple binding formats. On the other hand, Classmate, one among India’s leading brands, has over 300 variants, which consists of notebooks, long books, drawing books, scrap books, practical books, reminder pads etc. Another notable addition to the Classmate oeuvre has been the Classmate Fun n Learn range.

Blue Bird is one of the leading brands, which boasts of considerable insight and expertise into the educational content for students thanks to its close interaction with educational fraternity and students for more than three decades. Blue Bird has also forayed into publishing academic textbooks and self study books for children.

The company also has on offer a myriad collection of all types of stationery, such as the finest quality notebooks apart from premium office and lifestyle stationery. You can also get premium quality ready made stationery from school and office notebooks and diaries; stationery. Go ahead and choose the one that will make a timely and valuable gift.

With an increased workload of education and extra activities for children in an increasingly competitive world, it has become difficult for them to keep a track of engagements of these activities in daily life. ‘Navneet’, a premier brand in educational publication, has an excellent product on offer, ‘Paint-O-Fun’.

It’s a useful monthly planner for children. It helps them in jotting down their daily engagements and activities like drawing, dance, elocution, etc. apart from studies. It will also act as an alert for birthdates of their friends. It’s packed with useful information on every page, covering various topics and themes. It provides an amazing insight into astonishing GK facts, stats, figures etc on that topic. The pages also educate the children about being responsible members of society.

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