Easter egg equated with new life


Of all the things that are now associated with Easter – jelly beans, Easter bonnets, bunny rabbits, and other tasty treats – the egg is probably the most significant.

It stands for fertility as well as new beginnings, in line with Easter (The resurrection of Christ) Biblical significance.

The festival gets its name from the goddess of Spring and dawn, Eostre, worshipped by pre-Christian Saxons. Her sacred animal was stated to be the hare that explains the Easter bunny’s importance as well.

It’s more of a cultural significance, which has seeped into our lives. People often tend to equate Easter eggs with new life, quite in the same way the Christ rose from the dead for starting a new life.

Easter eggs and sweets have somehow diminished the Easter’s significance, some believe. Easter eggs, the think, are a practice adopted from the West and commercialized, taking away the real meaning and spirit of the occasion.

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