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Facing a stiff competition from the Internet, television and other distractions, the Indian toy industry is trying to bring about revolutionary changes in its mindset. A prime example of this is Funskool. A joint venture between Hasbro Inc. and MRF, this leading toy company, is also among the largest in India.

Hasbro, a worldwide leader in the domain of children’s and family leisure time entertainment, provides vital inputs for India-centric gaming products and services. This includes the design aspect, precise manufacturing and smart marketing. Here we provide a glimpse of games on offer courtesy Funskool website:

Action based games: Your passion for never ending, fast paced action finds its right match here. The action games pump energy in your system and are bound to raise your adrenaline level to unmatched highs. These games demand involvement of both your mental and physical faculties. 

Children’s games: There are so many different ways to make your Children develop an attachment for you and love you the most. Here is a fabulous series of games that matches your child’s imagination and energy level.  

Disney games: Get engrossed with your favorite Disney characters, Donald Duck, Micky, Mouse and spend time playing a wide variety of mesmerizing games and puzzles! Enter the world of Disney – the one of endless joy and laughter.

Family games: Here is a way to make your bond with your family even stronger. Enjoy the inquisitive series of games for the whole family. ‘s family games can be played at any time and will be cherished all time.

Memory Games: Ask a child where he buried his marbles and he will immediately point out even years later! Mysterious memory games help develop their visual recall, object color and shape related recognition faculties. The games can develop their memory skills if played without parental supervision.

(Information and image courtesy: Funskool)

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