Do’s and don’ts of corporate gifting on the festive eve

While gifting, it’s best to give something that the client would appreciate and look forward to another gift from you. No doubt, corporate gifts have to have a personal touch to it…but mind you…Avoid going overboard. You might just hurt their sentiments. One should avoid giving items like perfumes because you are not sure if they like it or not. You wouldn’t use a perfume you absolutely hate, though it was gifted to you.

Another important aspect which is often neglected is to check the company’s gifting policy. Many companies and government offices have a gift acceptance policy. As per this policy they are only allowed to accept gift of a particular value. Be sure to crosscheck with your client to determine the limitations of gift giving.

Keep in mind the cultural background of your corporate clients whom you wish to gift. Not everyone celebrates Diwali, however sending a corporate gift or card that wishes them a happy holiday or season greetings or sending them a gift on a holiday they celebrate is better.

Never give something seen on a shopping network because it may look pretty but if the person receiving it does not like it it’s just a waste of money. Never buy something that is cheap because it’s not something that will please your client. When it comes to clothes it is never a good choice because apparels are something with is not standard i.e. every individual has a difference in choice and thus giving a gift certificate makes more sense.

The worse gift to give is a handmade gift it may have personal touch but it’s bad for the simple reason that you would be spending more on the material for the gift and will be using a lot of time and energy in making it.

Consider another practical scenario. Say, if the person you are gifting is a fitness freak and you decide to buy him / her a fitness video it does not make sense because you don’t know if they already hold of copy of that tape or not. If they do they will thank you but it will be a waste of your money and the gift will not be appreciated.

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