Donate blood, gift life to someone!

The KEM Hospital has listed some interesting excuses that people give, adding they should not make such excuses and the reasons for doing so:

Excuse 1: “I am not of the right age to donate blood
Fact:  If you are in the age group of 18 to 60 years and in good health, you can donate blood.

Excuse 2: I am too thin or too small.
Fact:  Not so if you weigh 45 kg or more.

Excuse 3: Blood donation will make me weak.
Fact:  After a short rest and a healthy snack, you can resume your normal duties. The body quickly replaces the blood donated thus it is not ‘lost’ as the donor might think.

Excuse 4: It is unsafe to give blood.
Fact: Blood banks assure that it is completely safe. All the blood collection sets and the lancets used for testing blood are sterile, used just once and later discarded.

Excuse 5: A blood bank would not want my blood since I am common ‘O’ group.
Fact: Blood banks constantly need donors of every blood group.

Excuse 6: I have recently been unwell. And I am anemic.
Fact: Just wait till you are fit again. If in doubt, contact a blood bank’s Medical Officers. They check for anemia before every blood donation.

Excuse 7: I am too busy and it is too inconvenient.
Fact: It only takes 10-15 minutes (every three months) to be a regular blood donor.

Each blood unit can be employed to save lives of up to six to eight patients. Blood collected is separated into different components like Red cell concentrate, Plasma, Platelet concentrate, and Cryoprecipitate each of which has a specific use and is given to different patients according to their individual needs. Donate blood, gift life to someone!

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