Don’t feel surprised if you get a gift from your sister

In the previous post, we checked some interesting gift ideas that a brother can consider to make his sister happy. But don’t feel surprised if you get a gift from your sister as well!

Here are some gift ideas for a proud sister to reciprocate her feelings toward her beloved brother.

Victorinox Swiss Knives: A Swiss army knife is a tool to treasure for your brother if he is a camping enthusiast and frequently participates in outdoor and adventure events! The Swiss knife is much more than just a knife! It carries multiple implements incorporated into a single casing.

The high end models consist of screwdriver, awls, altimeters, can and crate openers, blades, saws, scrimpers, wire stripper, magnifying lens, rulers, key rings, scrapers, toothpick and more, all in a single unit, depending on the model you choose. It’s a truly multi-purpose and cost effective gift.

Cappuccino-Espresso/ coffee and tea-maker: This all-in-one machine ranks high on scale of practicality especially if your brother is studying or working away from home. It’s affordable, too! Every morning, he can enjoy a hot cuppa, and will think of you, sipping his hot tea or coffee every morning.

Features to look for when buying a coffee and tea-maker are ease of usage, capacity, less preparation time and simplified controls. Ensure it has a calibrated jar (for filter coffee and tea) and a swiveling jet frother to prepare mounds of frothed milk for cappuccino, hot chocolate, latte and other frothy milk drinks.

Cordless shaver: A cordless shaver is perfect for a busy working professional. It’s handy for shaving off stubbles in quick time. A single head cordless shaver includes ultra thin flexible foils with floating cutter that leave one’s skin smooth and glowing!

The electric shavers come with a rechargeable battery, the pop-out trimmer (for shaping sideburns and moustache), and cleaning bristles. Gift it to your brother so that he can enjoy a smooth shave at his discretion! Braun Flex Integral 5550 Rb or Philips HQ6605 electric shaver are recommended.

So don’t feel surprised if you receive a gift from your sister as well! She might have already picked one for you!

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