Discover and share the joy of gifting a book!

The singular aim of celebrating World Book and Copyright Day (WBD) is to encourage masses to explore or discover the immense joy hidden in books, which are ultimate treasure troves of knowledge. The celebrations are for cultivating the habit of book reading by providing the people with the opportunity to own a book of their own.

Gift a Book

World Book and Copyright Day celebrations start in March. The day is marked on March 6 in the UK and Ireland. (This date applies to the UK & Ireland only). This is just a precursor to the worldwide celebrations that happen more than a month and a half later, on April 23, when the official World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated in most other countries, including India.

The initiative is well established in the UK schools. The academic circles make the most of this opportunity for celebrating books and reading. Schools in India – children and especially parents – need to follow suit. For e.g., instead of gifting expensive toys on birthdays, parents and relatives should gift books to children.

Of course, buying a book needs some thought and planning. You cannot just pick any book, get it wrapped and hand it over as a gift. You need to select an author or genre that the receiver likes. If you succeed in finding this out, it will add a personal touch to your gesture. While dealing with delegates or clients from abroad, a coffee table book about your country will be a perfect gift idea.

You may look for attractive offers from leading bookstores like Crossword that has on offer gift vouchers. The gift vouchers can make the perfect gift idea. They are available in various denominations you can choose from, depending on your budget. You need not redeem the entire voucher value at a time, and can do so in part, over several visits. Many other leading bookstore chains, including Landmark and Granth among others, have similar attractive offers for book lovers.

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