discgear is a gift that offers true value for money

We informed our readers about an innovative storage solution. What is that makes discgear truly special? We shall try to find out:

– discgear media storage provides a quick, unique and upgraded solution for organizing your media library with a free online disc organizing software. It prints indexing sheets for all discgear storage units. It stores the user’s collection online for future reference and adjustment.

– Its high-capacity, compact discgear unit creates more desk space by storing up to 80 CDs. They are easy to find and retrieve. discgear automatically locates and lifts out CDs, reducing scratches and fingerprints, so get them ‘when’ you need them, in seconds.

– It lets users create a customised index of CD/disc software and/or song titles, making it ‘easy to find and retrieve any title or category in a personal collection. Avid music collectors can now better organize and easily locate specific discs, leaving more time for the real job and enjoy showing-off their collection.

– The flexible discgear works so much more efficiently than a tower unit or shelf. It aesthetically integrates into the high-tech home theatre environment and takes up lesser space than furniture and zip-up cases.

Sleek, stylish and compact – distinctive discgear stands out from the ubiquitous, traditional media storage solutions, with its innovative, streamlined design and durability.
discgear is a gift that offers true value for money.

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