Defining the creative, trend-setting spirit of gifting

The just concluded annual Giftex show truly embodied the creative, trend-setting spirit, which goes to define the corporate gifting industry. The ability of bringing the best in business under one umbrella – as the event has managed to achieve, year after year, can well be attributed to the fact that it’s successfully conceptualized and executed by a team of experienced professionals, supported by our exhibitors who have complete faith in us.

Specialists in the gifting industry belonging to Trade & Technology Exposition Co. (India) Pvt. Ltd have conceived it as a complete and comprehensive exhibition and event management platform. They have successful hosted several events on different themes, and Giftex is a testimony to their capabilities.

Even in the season of lean corporate spending, the importance of corporate gifting has by no means diminished, as the event has demonstrated once again this year. Indeed, corporate gifting is so very vital for the purpose of reviving and reinforcing crucial business contacts! The consolidation phase of a business can perhaps be the best opportunity to appreciate the association with them.

Top businesses also understand the importance of sticking to employees who provide excellent service and bring value to them. Presenting a gift will only enhance ties with them. This is the perfect time for a meaningful corporate activity. The times are challenging, but such challenges call for dramatic measures.

In this context, Giftex is a one-stop shopping event for bulk purchases by corporate entities and traders, giving everyone access to India’s top sourcing hubs. All the earlier Giftex editions had been a huge hit, and this year’s edition held at Mumbai’s Nehru Centre at the beginning of this month, was a huge success.

And here is a word of advice to make the most of your gifting program: Tuned to the changing times, look to experiment and come up with innovative ideas. Personalization is a vital factor in gifting to select top-level executives, and even your employees. Generic promotional items are passé because people are trying to get be more personal with things. It is often seen as ‘unfashionable’ to be extravagant with gifts today, especially in international context.For many more such ideas and gifting options, visit Giftex 2012!

GIFTEX, STATIONEX & JUTEX 2013 (Bangalore edition)

Venue:     Gayathri Vihar, Bellary Road, Palace Ground, Bangalore, India.
Date:     Sep 6th – Sep 8th, 2013
11.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.

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