Usher in this season of love by pampering your loved one this Valentine with an array of alluring and precious jewelry pieces from top brands such Gitanjali and Aura, among others. Paying a tribute to this very special occasion, you may turn to some sparkling and dazzling diamond/gold jewelry.

Aura’s fashionable, contemporary White Gold jewelry designs are crafted with precision. Gitanjali Group is known for stylish and contemporary designs created by an expert team of designers.

Aura’s Happiness Collection exudes beautiful and sophisticated workmanship. Each individual piece is crafted with care and made with the finest materials to bring the wearer a look and style for all occasions. The Wellness Collection is much more than style. Wearing pieces from this collection will give one a sense of calmness and of well being in everyday life.

On the other hand, Luck Collection is based on Navaratna, literally a Sanskrit compound word meaning Nine Gems. It’s a talisman or accessory set with Nine Gemstones. Superstitions linked to gems have been common in Asia since ancient times and this belief still lives on even today. Along with these astrological benefits, the stylish looks of our Navaratna collection is bound to give its wearer Good Health, Prosperity, Happiness and Peace of Mind.

Gitanjali Group’s GILI jewelry brand was launched in 1994; it shifted the paradigm ‘from occasional need…to a need for every occasion’. D’damas’ includes a vast variety of diamond-studded gold jewelry to reflect her personality, lifestyle, and tastes. Sangini is an expression of love and affection expressed by an admirer for his beloved, and a sign that reinforces his commitment to her. By gifting her Sangini diamond jewellery he reaffirms the unique bond shared by them and conveys that she holds a distinct position in his heart and his life.

Its Asmi brand aims to fulfill every woman’s innate need for self expression while lauding her inner fire. It caters to the woman of substance & satisfies her need for reward & recognition, evolving continuously to suit her style & personality. The fine jewelry range has a contemporary delicate and feminine look that is distinctly evocative of strength and grace. In a nutshell, Asmi symbolizes the modern woman’s spirit.

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