Creative Awards & Rewards at Giftex 2016

3D Printing:  Forget your front camera, and imagine a 3D printed you.  How would you like to have a true to life 3D printed bust?  A 3D printed miniature? A 3D printed logo? Or even a 3D printed robot?

You tell us what you want and leave the rest to us! Our in house designers and state of the art 3D printing machine will do the rest.

3D Selfies: Creative Awards & Rewards has introduced a New 3D Scanner which captures facial feature of a person in a Digital format and our 3D printer converts them into a 3D Selfie!!  So no more photos…..

Gift your Employees, Dealers, Customers a 100% Personalised Gift – a 3D BUST of themselves.  A Unique HR / PR initiative.
3D Printing: Imagine having logos, pneumonics, monuments, figurines, people, animals, furniture, jewellery, automobiles etc come to life in a 3D miniature format.  Our New 3D Printing technology will revolutionized printing in future.  These miniatures / replicas can be Gold, Silver and Copper plated to add more value.




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