Corporate gifts help you strike a chord with clients and customers

Catchy gift ideas remind your customers and business associates of the fact that you care for them as well as greatly value their cooperation and their association with your organization. Corporate giveaways can be considered for both current and potential customers as well as your employees across rank and file, depending on their seniority, contribution and commitment to the organization.

There is a lot of care and thought that need to go behind choosing the right kind of gifts for people who hold the key to your business. Following are a few important aspects to consider for corporate gift giving:

•    Careful selection of gifts based on who is the potential recipient, is extremely important. Never give an expensive gift to a high profile or formal client (at least not in the beginning). It may send across a wrong message. Sending them a card and a nice memento instead will be more appropriate to establish initial business relations.

•    Gifts can be generic in nature and one must always check the company protocol on gifting as some companies have stringent rules regarding this. A common mistake made is the person’s name often being misspelled; avoid such goof-ups!

•    If you have clients whom you happen to gift invariably every year, make it a point to send something different each time so as not to make the gesture look mechanical. This will make a recipient look forward to each year’s gift thanks to a touch of innovation and experimentation involved.

•    Gifts are no more regarded as mere fancy objects of ornamental value.  They can act as the perfect brand promotion tools if they have the company’s name or logo engraved on them in some way or another, so that the recall value is high. Indeed, a logo is important but it need not be splashed all over the gift. It should rather be strategically placed.

•    When dispatching gifts overseas check the customs rules, thereby making sure you send the right gift and the receiver does not have to pay any delivery charges or face any other legal hassles.

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