Corporate Gifting: The Art Of Channelising Communication!


In every organisation, there is a hierarchy of executives at different levels. To maintain a communication channel with all of them directly is not possible at most times. However, it is neccessary for us to maintain our communication with as many people as possible or atleast keep the word that the relationship exists between two people.

Corporate gifting enables you to maintain those communication channels and also keep them open all the time. Sometimes, we have not been in touch with a couple of colleagues for a long time and we require to connect with them again. We can just send them a card that wishes them well or expresses some words of thanks along with a small gift that they would love. Naturally, the gift bought shouldnt be so expensive as you must not make an impression that you are gifting them because you need them for some reason/purpose you wish to accomplish. This simple practice can be done just to keep ones relationship fresh and alive, and keep remain connected somehow with more number of people at the same time you havent been for a long long time.

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