Corporate Gifting Interview With Nitika Kariwala

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Today, we are glad to bring you an interview with Nitika Kariwala, Content developer, Corporate trainerCentre for Personal and Professional Excellence to state the marketers point of view with regards to corporate gifting. Marketers of corporate gifts have to make a choice. They have to make a decision about what gift should be delivered to whom and when. They are the one’s who facilitate the happenings within the corporate gifting world. And certainly..

It is important for marketers of corporate gifting to know what other marketers think, why and how? Here’s a little questionnaire that gives a brief about a corporate gifting marketers viewpoint.

Questionnaire For Marketers

1. Does Your Company do Corporate Gifting?

2. How much on an approximate basis does your company spend on corporate gifting?
30000- 50000

3. What is the most unique gift that you have come across?
A Bonsai plant.

4. As a promotional tool does corporate gifting impact sales? If yes can you give an example?

Well sometimes it does. If the gifts are radical like a plant which people keep on their desk it makes sure that  we are always on their mind. Even after years when u see them with the plant it gives immense satisfaction.

5. What are the type of gifts you would normally receive? Which one has been your favorite?

Well I have received small clocks with company logos, planner diaries with my name printed, a nicely packaged box of spices and honey etc… My favourite has been a  personalised qoute book.

6. What are the occasions on which you gift your clients? And what is the gift?

Diwali and New years. Mostly they have been honeyed dry fruits packed in nice boxes which can later be used for keeping knick  knacks.

7. Do you read blogs or go use Social networks like Orkut? Which one?

Well, yes I do. Social networking sites are Orkut and Facebook.

8. Do you know that Giftex has Corporate Gifting Blog which talks about latest gifting trends in India? (

yes, I do.

9. Now that you know, would you visit the blog?

Oh yes, I have already visited the blog. It has some good information.

Thank you Nitika for giving us your views on corporate gifting with a marketers perspective. We are glad to hear from you.

If any other marketers/companies/sales people wish to tell us their views on corporate gifting, you can contact us by leaving your email ID and comments below.

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