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Today, we are glad to bring you an interview with Neha Katyal, Associate, Elara Capital to state the marketers point of view with regards to corporate gifting.

Questionnaire For Marketers

1. Does Your Company do Corporate Gifting?

2. How much on an approximate basis does your company spend on corporate gifting?

30,000 INR.

3. What is the most unique gift that you have come across?

Strawberries dipped in chocolates.

4. As a promotional tool does corporate gifting impact sales? If yes
can you give an example?

Yes it would. Easier to bag a potential client.

5. What are the type of gifts you would normally receive? Which one has
been your favorite?

Clothes, Shoes, Champaign & Bags. My favorite one is a pair of DKNY Shoes.

6. What are the occasions on which you gift your clients? And what is
the gift?

Diwali, New Years, Office Anniversary & Christmas. Sweets & Drinks

7. Do you read blogs or go use Social networks like Orkut? Which one?

Yes. Orkut & facebook .etc.

8. Do you know that Giftex has Corporate Gifting Blog which talks about
latest gifting trends in India? (


9. Now that you know, would you visit the blog?

Yes, and I have been before today also.

Thank you Neha for giving us your views on corporate gifting with a marketers perspective. We are glad to hear from you.

If any other marketers/companies/sales people wish to tell us their views on corporate gifting, you can contact us by leaving your email ID and comments below.

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