Corporate Gifting for the Secret Office Romance

So you have an office sweetheart. You know your job would be on the line if your boss got to know and you have to spend Valentine evening with your spouse, but you’re too much of a romantic to wait for work hours to get over before you give your flame a gift.

Romance in Office

Well, there are ways to get around your exuberance, and here they are –

  • Give everyone a small potted desk plant; hide your sweetheart’s real gift inside. Keep it sweet and small, or tiny and expensive.
  • Post the gift with a Secret Admirer card. If this is for your girlfriend, make it obvious, she’ll love the attention! If it’s for your boyfriend, no matter if he insists otherwise, he’ll love the attention too!
  • A photo frame may not be considered a highly interesting gift, but it is reasonably inexpensive to buy one for each colleague … and the one you give your sweetheart could be a special one. Any raised eyebrows? It is just a photo frame, after all! Slip a romantic card inside, meant for his or her eyes only.
  • Buy a gift and keep it ready for your sweetheart at the store. Email the link to the store website to him or her and give a glimpse of what’s waiting after office hours – he/she will leave with a bounce in his/her step.
  • Get to work early and leave a bouquet or a gift on your girlfriend’s desk – no note, no explanation for the office, but she will know it’s from you
  • Similarly, leave your gift at your boyfriend’s desk and hike the curiosity quotient of the office.

Valentine’s Day in the office when your relationship is supposed to be under wraps is quite a task, but with a few cautionary tactics you can stop it from becoming Land Mine Day. It’s all about presenting something special to your flame while in the public eye without arousing suspicions. Though it is very tough to hide – the world loves a lover and a lover can be spotted a mile away!

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