Corporate Gifting! A Gift or A Bribe?


Corporate gifting is mainly done to strengthen a relationship with people, we know in person, who will enable us to grow in all aspects of our life. Many a times, we gift people just as to get a favor done from them. The point is, is this really a gift or a bribe?

The spirit of corporate gifting enables us to connect with people and make them a part of our lives. Generally, corporates gift a person because corporates feel that the person deserves a special gift and not because they require them to do us a favor. But in corporate circles, instead of wishing and congratulating clients, employees and others for being with us; many corporates tend to bribe them with a corporate gift so as to get some favors. Now this practice will have many backfiring effects as it is encouraging a corrupt practice and increasing the expectations of the person to receive a gift in order to do something for others.

Moreover, it cuts down the motivation factor into pieces and promotes bad performance.


Are we doing good enough by practicing corporate gifting as a means of getting a return favor?

or is it ethical to do just that?

Please let me know your comments.

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