Corporate and personal gift ideas For Cancerians, Leos and Virgoans.

You may love astrology or hate it, but cannot ignore it. There are peculiar gift giving ideas relevant to each sign. Whether you are deliberating over what to gift your boss, your friend or mate on his/her birthday or any special occasion, their zodiac signs will give you clues for the suitable gift. Here, we consider Cancer, Leo and Virgo!


Boss: For Cancerians, there’s nothing more precious than their home or their family. Good gifts for them comprise a family portrait, prints, photo albums, home accessories, decorative pieces, etc.

Friend & Family: Mix sentimentality with home & hearth and you’ve got it right with them. An intimate dinner bash, a family outing, or quality time with your partner are great tangible or intangible gestures that they will appreciate. Things to do with home décor, kitchen utilities will be well liked. Your options are cookbooks, cooking courses, goodies basket, gift certificates from a home store etc.


Boss: A Leo treats her/himself as the king of his/her domain, much like Lion, the king of the jungle that represents this sign. A Leo boss has high expectations and expects to be treated royally. Appropriate gifts are the high quality and rather grand ones! Sophisticated and exclusive items like jeweler, gourmet foods & wines, fine crystal products, branded merchandise make ideal gifts.

Friend & Family: Go for something, which is flashy and makes them feel as the centre of attraction. Gift items with a lot of bling like rhinestone studded clothing, diamond ornaments, hair accessories, fancy cuff links go well with them. They like to be pampered so a session at the spa is a perfect gift for them. Apart from those making them feel like king, gifts involving an element of drama are also well received. Thus, lottery tickets or tickets to a big Bollywood/Hollywood hit will allow you be in their good books!


Boss: Probably the most practical Zodiac sign, a Virgo tends to be extremely organized and tidy. They appreciate gifts that reflect or accentuate the same quality. So, your options comprise fancy calendars, personal diary, organizer, visiting card holders, leather wallets etc.

Friend & Family: Apart from being organized, a Virgo is also very health & beauty conscious as their sign rules the House of Health. Ideal gifts include salon certificates, beauty treatment packages, gym memberships, exercise equipments, manicure and pedicure sets health products, etc. Healthy and long-lasting is the way to describe a Virgo friend. Good gifts comprise health books/CDs, dancing/sports lessons, vacuum cleaner, Yoga class membership, etc.

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    Physical and psychological characteristics of the Virgo astrology sign. The Virgo Zodiac Sign is an astrological sign which is associated with the constellation Virgo. It is found under the tropical zodiac and is occupied by the sun from 23 August to 22 September each year. The opposite sign to Virgo is Pisces.

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