Brand promotion through appropriate gifts

Corporate gifts are used as promotional tools by most of the business world. Most corporations order large amounts of corporate branded articles in order to reward customers, employees and trade partners, not just for one but many reasons. They can be different but always extremely interesting ideas that touch all the stakeholders of the organization.

From giant corporations to small business, the trend of corporate gifting is well received. The items branded with the company name or logo or even the identity color represents a sense of association with the company each time the item is used or viewed.

This gift is accepted with a sense of appreciation on behalf of the receivers and simultaneously it helps to imbibe the corporation in their minds. A good example can be a pen, calendar or a diary, which are generally used as corporate gifts by many organizations. These can be branded and purchased at a reasonable price in a creative manner.

As a company’s marketing initiative, you can ensure that each time the pen, the calendar or the diary is used, the recipient will feel strongly for the brand. Also it does not stop at just that, but often these items are passed from one person to another at different places, the curiosity of the holder will make him or to enquire about the company and what it does.

When the gifts are branded, they carry with them a sense of value, especially the values that the company stands for. These values are then transferred through the client as word of mouth and it has been shown that this method of advertising is an excellent way to build a brand and achieve overall business success with client satisfaction.

Statistically speaking, more than 75% of the people and companies being rewarded with such items are more likely to continue doing business with the rewarding company than if nothing was received. From a financial standpoint, branded items are usually discounted when ordered in bulk and can thereby bring down the cost in comparison to purchasing non – branded items which would make a weaker impact.

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