Collaborating sports and fashion

If hip hop stars are indeed the ultimate in cool, Adidas has got its formula perfectly right with its line of appealing apparel and accessories conceived in association with noted musician Missy Elliot. Termed, Respect M.E. it has all the ‘Elliot’ trademark style, with ravishing rap star bling.

The line is available for sale in Adidas Originals stores globally and in leading Indian cities such as Chandigarh, Bangalore and New Delhi. Tushar Goculdas, director (marketing and sales) Adidas India, has been quoted as saying, “We first launched the Originals lifestyle brand at the 1972 Munich Olympics. It was inspired by the famous sports stars of the time.

“The line happened to catch on so well that shoes and apparel seen on the field in the 1970s are now often seen in movies, music videos, and on celebrities at clubs and many rock shows.” 

Tracking the trend, there seem to be quite a many takers for a curious collaboration between sports and fashion. A peep into the actor Amrita Arora’s wardrobe and one instantly realizes that it is dominated by top brands such as Adidas, Lululemon Athletica, Juicy Couture and Reebok.

Interestingly, she isn’t really a sports enthusiast. In fact, these clothes do not make her appear like one either. It’s rather the ‘sporty chic’ look she prefers. Amrita likes to wear workout tops that go nicely with jeans and heels for those outings with special friends. 

Amrita Arora has been quoted saying in an interview: “They are made for workouts; they hold the body together and also give you a good shape. The actor loves the sporty, colorful apparel from Lululemon Athletica, which is a Canadian brand. At filmi parties and events, she has often been spotted in Juicy Couture tracksuits, even pairing black track pants sometimes with a shirt and boots. According to her, it’s quite comfortable and cool.

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