Fountains make a fabulous New Year gift

In this blog post, we try to see out how to help your friend or colleague to make his home or office settings more beautiful.Water, as all of us are aware of, is considered to form the true ‘essence of life’. It’s the ‘serene spirit of life forces. The same finds apt expression in modern designs. Fabulous fountains – outdoor and indoor – offer a captivating connection to nature and infuse calmness.

Indoor fountains blend look and functionality. Research has demonstrated that they can increase productivity, if placed near the office desk. You can go for well-crafted magical miniature outdoor garden fountains. Garden wall fountains sure will make a lavish gift.

They are amazing artifacts of beautification, available in captivating color schemes. Consider a wide array of materials for further enhancement like copper, ceramic and sandstone. One may put potted plants, statuary, etc. around an indoor fountain for enhancing its decorative value. Enticing and ravishing rose varieties will spread fragrance. There are about 150 species so you can choose one that suits the overall décor or typical tastes.

Illumination will make them even more appealing. Garden wall fountains, made in the shape of a basin (with low sprays), are available in various patterns – classic and contemporary. They look more elegant when embellished with detailed carvings.

Indoor fountains can prove to be the most ingenious means of bringing the most soothing properties of nature. They come in captivating designs; you can buy one that will suit the person’s tastes. You can opt to customize it for a personal touch to it.

Wall mounted fountains – available in both traditional and contemporary décor – generally spill water through some decorative plaque into a basin, which hides within a small pump. These fountains hardly consume any floor room. They are perfect for installing in gardens or closed seating areas where economy of space is a prime consideration.

Hanging wall fountains come in a wide range colors, materials and styles. You should take into account the person’s tastes and also the room décor to decide upon soft white or brighter shades. Same applies to textures and materials. Granite, ceramic, slate and fiberglass are the most popular materials used. Granite creates a lovely feel, especially in cascading wall fountains.

Customize your hanging wall fountain: You can customize the hanging wall fountains by adding your company title or logo. You can add enhanced effect to the water flows. Corrugated surfaces can create a different ripple effect even as the water flows down. The rippled surfaces come alive with proper illumination.

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