Chocolate discs, self-centered bonbons and melt-away carrés

Artistically prepared luscious chocolate discs from Holvin Foods, among their best selling and most popular confections, come in a captivating combination of milk and chocolate with a host of mouth-watering flavors and tantalizing textures. The blend is bound to satiate every diehard chocolate lover.

This disk will satisfy your craving and is indeed a great snack to be had just any moment during the day – be it for sheer self-indulgence, a quick evening time snack, a wish to munch upon something or simply while lolling on a sofa.

Let us take a quick glance at their self-centered bonbons and melt-away carrés that are sure to tickle your tongue:

* Triple Chocolate Delirum: A creamy white chocolate swirled into mellow milk and intense dark chocolate.

* Fruity Concoction:  Pieces of tender apricots, sweet and sour cranberries and candied orange peel arranged on a combination of milk and a white chocolate.

* Nut Frenzy:  A complete Nut mania with crunchy toasted almonds, cashews, pistachios and walnuts sprinkled on stripes of dark and milk chocolate.

* Fruit and Nut:  A traditional made for each other combination of fruit (raisins) and nut (almond, pistachios and cashews) with an unusual twist of sweet and sour cranberries and candied orange peel studded on stripes of dark, milk and white chocolate.

* Caramel Medley: Stripes of mellow caramel and milk chocolate topped with nuts, coconut toffee and chewy caramel candy.

* Peppy peppermint: A refreshing minty white chocolate stirred into dark chocolate and topped with sugar coated fennel seeds.

Melt-away carrés

Their melt-away carrés made from premium Belgian Chocolate are an absolute bliss. These velvety smooth thins come in five different flavours namely Dark 70%, Intense Orange in Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Milk and Lemon Pistachio in White Chocolate. Packed in a stylish wrapping, they are sure to capture everyone’s attention– whether at corporate dinners, events, exhibitions and product launches.

What more, to put your brand firmly in spotlight, a tailor made sleeve or a custom sticker can be attached onto the wrapper. That will make for a perfect brand building, isn’t it?

Holvin Foods

D203 Sainath Tower,
Mulund East, Mumbai 400 081

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