Charming jute jewelry


Jute jewelry is a novel accessory for women. Jute bags, fabrics, mats and wall hangings are already popular. Jute jewelry is also riding a wave of popularity. Jute is catching fancy of customers who are getting attracted by it’s qualities like durability and and eco-friendly nature. More importantly, it is cost effective.

Well-crafted jute jewelry looks magnificent. Pieces designed to enhance the beauty and elegance of the wearer boast superior finish and enchanting look. The unmatched quality of jute jewelry makes it a coveted possession. Jute jewellery is attracting buyers who earlier preferred imitation jewelry as the cost-affordable substitute for precious stones and metals. The deft designs and catchy colors of jute jewelry look superb.

Customers often find it unbelievable that such fantastic jewelry pieces can be crafted out of jute. Gold and silver jewelry retains it luster. But unconventional, eco-friendly pieces like danglers, rings and necklaces made of jute are catching up fast. Hokers, bracelets and bangles are also available to match every outfit. Jute jewelry has many takers because it fits buyers’ budget and indeed looks cool.

With gold and silver prices touching a new high, jute jewelry has emerged as a viable option. You can acquire a wide variety of trendy creations, said a visitor to the just-concluded Giftex 2008 in Mumbai where many fancy jute jewelry stalls were put up that showcased pieces with fine craftsmanship. Wooden beads, crystals, stones, pearls and stones are used to create lovely motifs on jute.

Layers of jute fabric are often cut in varied sizes and shapes. Jute jewelry is lightweight. It does not cause irritation to the skin. No surprise, exquisite jute jewelry is a favorite of eclectic buyers.

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