Celebrities across the world and gifting


Gifts play an important role as they are the easiest way to express your sentiments. The gift should be such that it would make the receive feel special. It becomes even more lavish gesture when it is for high-profile individual from an equally high-profile individual.

Indeed, in case of celebrities, the whole connotation and scale of the gifting exercise changes as we pointed out in the previous blog! Here are more instances from across the globe that indicate what celebrities choose to gift and mark a special occasion.

– In what can be considered as one of the most ‘outrageously’ expensive gestures ever of love, the famed Hollywood Star Tom Cruise gifted his pregnant fiancée Katie Holmes a whopping $20 million Gulf Stream Jet as a present.

– Davaid Beckham, the England soccer star whom we have already mentioned, reportedly gifted Victoria a mere $8 million (going by Tom Cruise’s standard) Bulgari necklace on her birthday. He also reportedly spent $10,000 to fly out a team of chefs from London’s trendy restaurant Nobu to cook delicacies for her in Spain.

– Actor Richard Burton bought a diamond weighing 240.80 carats to gift it to Elizabeth Taylor. Following her divorce, she put one of the world’s largest diamonds up for sale for raising funds for a hospital.

– Hollywood Actor Brad Pitt gifted actress-wife Anjelina Jolie a gold ring that featured the birthstones of their (four) kids. (Incidentally, Angelina Jolie recently spent $65,000 to gift herself a horsehair mattress that would help her sleep well.

– Shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis presented his wife Jacqueline Kennedy her very own private Island in Greece.

On your part, you can let us know about the best gift that you have ever received or given. And also let us know why do you think it was the best?

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