Gifts help build lasting corporate relations

Corporate gifting is very important to maintain good relations with your key clients. If you do come up with an idea of a novel gift for them, it will do the trick for you. Conversely, if you give a gift that really looks silly or makes them feel awkward, you may even stand to lose the deal. All of a sudden you find yourself in an unsavory situation. So you need to be careful and judicious. Of course, with a good selection, gifts can help to build lasting corporate relations. Read More

Corporate gifting players gear up to meet future challenges

Every trend, however unique or ubiquitous it might be, will stay around for a while and then fade out gradually, to make way for a new one. That’s how things go! Nothing is perpetual and permanent especially in today’s highly competitive and fragmented scenario where nothing is going to remain in public memory for too long. So what is the way ahead to meet challenges in front of corporate gifting companies? Read More

Franchise business will grow multifold in India

The just released report on India’s franchising industry don by KPMG along with Franchising Association of India (FAI) highlights the immense growth potential of this domain (for both Indian and International companies). It discusses the several emerging trends within franchising, and refers new business models in this particular space and also how it’s imperative for the industry players to grasp the parameters, which influence the choice of any one business model over the other. Continue reading

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