Today is Pink Day!

Pink Day Pink Day, or June 23, has a serious history behind it. An American company marked the day pink on its calendar when it found that more than half its women employees had been diagnosed with breast cancer. But the colour is traditionally far from serious. It is associated with girls and cuteness and all things nice. But at the turn of the century pink also crossed over to the boardroom and not just because women were storming the male bastion of work in a big way. It became the it colour of the metrosexual man. For a long time women, too, had steered clear of pink in the workplace for fear of appearing inefficient, but today with a new found confidence, pink has taken on different connotations. Here’s a quick guide on how to wear pink in the office –Salmon PInk T-shirt

• Pink doesn’t mean bubblegum pink. Men should opt for deep shades of salmon and rose pink that complement the Indian skin tone perfectly, and remember that plum, crimson and magenta are also shades of pink. Steer clear of hot pink.
Hot Pink• Hot pink is a woman’s colour all the way. It’s bold, fierce and extremely feminine. It’s sexy without even remotely being trashy and no one can miss you when you’re wearing it.

Pink Jacket with stripes
• When buying a pink piece of clothing like a shirt or a jacket for the office, go for ‘serious’ prints like checks and stripes.
Pink Shirt• Team your pink with business-like colours. A pink shirt with a navy blue or black jacket is a striking combination; pink and white lends itself to an easy feel, perfect for Friday dressing.Pink Belt
• Wary of pink? Use it as an accessory – a pink belt, pink shoes, a pink kerchief in your jacket pocket, or a pink tie. Note to self: keep the pink tie matte. Avoid shine, unless you want to attract attention to a block of shiny pink down your centre.Pink Shoes
However, if you are completely an anti-pink person or your mood is just not ‘pinky’ on June 23, then you don’t have to wear it, just put it up in the office! A pink wall hanging, when used correctly, can bring vitality into an office space.

So go pink with a vengeance and, spare a thought for the breast cancer victims in the world.

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Ready-to-wear line for a youthful touch to your gift

ESPRIT LogoIf the person you are looking to gift is a youthful executive who doesn’t mind looking sporty and sleek at work, you can well pick ESPRIT ready-to-wear line as an unconventional, albeit appealing gift.

ESPRIT has launched their latest spring-summer collection – EDC men and EDC women – that boasts light sheer fabrics and gentle feminine folds. For the men, the distressed and rugged looks have been replaced by neat, simple elegance that creeps in, more towards the resort look.
The EDC Men’s collection exudes a subtle hint of relaxed street style, aptly influenced by the world of music and pop culture. The collection comprises cool jeans, checked shirts, easy blazers and some funky accessories with a great attention to design details like bold embroidery, reverse prints, cuts and washes.

The EDC line looks to set new trends for youngsters in sync with the latest in fashion. The brand is designed to address young, happening people who look to express their lifestyle with an individual look. EDC authentically follows the trends, and allows the glamorous or the funky look, as one wants. Skull stoned jeans, wrap skirts, drainpipes, pinstripe trousers, stretch denim shorts, low rise flared pants…it’s all there, presenting wide gifting ideas.ESPRIT Women's collection
On the other hand, pure silk, satin, transparency and crushed / crinkled effects amply flatter the feminine silhouette in EDC Women’s collection. Light floating images on T-shirts, foil prints with exposed shoulders, v-necklines, spaghetti straps, halters as well as baby-doll cuts in narrow tops are all trendy.
You may also go for Spring/Summer collection from Sisley! Sisley plays with the Zodiac group’s elements in its new collection to bring out outfits that are inspired by colors of the earth, textured fabrics as well as sunset accents.

Sisley Jackets

Women can select from a wide variety of figure-hugging dresses, pedal pushers, shorts and fluid knitwear, whereas the men can pick from casual outfits that are elegantly teamed with jacket-style barracudas and even pinstripe suits.

Wonderful watches that make a good gifting choice

If time is money for high-profile executives, a watch is certainly worth a gifting choice for them! Watches can also be a perfect personal gift. From just a few thousands rupees up to a couple of lakhs, here is our favorite pick of watches available on the market.

Titan Raga Hazel collection
Titan Raga Hazel collectionFor those who prefer simplicity and elegance, the Titan Raga Hazel collection is perfect. Roughly priced from Rs 2,195 to Rs 4,000 plus, this lovely range includes five distinct styles – with versions in steel, bi-metal finish gold. Available as bracelets, these delicate forms will look beautiful on a woman’s wrist and match her profile.
Titan Octane collection
This is a perfect choice for fashion-conscious males who want a sporty yet urban look. The collection of chronograph, multifunction and retro watches comes in close to 40 different styles, and is priced from Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,500 plus. You can check the complete Titan range at

Tommy Hilfiger range
Tommy Hilfiger watches withIf the person who you wish to gift a watch, doesn’t like hard straps, we suggest you for Tommy Hilfiger watches with red and blue strap priced at around Rs 7,000. A charm bracelet watch that comes with a cute heart, enamel flower, sparkling star and the TH flag-charms along with the round-shaped hanging clock will add a nice touch to the braided leather bracelet.

Tommy Hilfiger range (for males)
tommy hilfiger rangeFor females who look to mix and match, TH watch – a small round-shaped case with heart shaped embossed pattern – rose gold plated or Swarovski stone bezels, which match red leather strap or alternative pink silk strap for a variety of combinations, will be perfect. The range is priced from Rs 3,995 to Rs 6,995.

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Get a watch to match the signature style and needs of the person

Here are some ideas when you wish to gift a watch. Consider the signature style, needs and personality of the receiver when you gift one!

The Dalvey Travel ClockThe Dalvey Travel Clock
This is a perfect gift for corporate biggies on the move. This leather Travel Clock has many distinctive features, including attractive design. It folds neatly into a compact wallet that has all the tactile and protective qualities of exquisite Italian leather. It’s perfect for those who don’t like sporting a wristwatch. The Dalvey Travel Clock is priced at around Rs 5,725.

Timex Torque Collection
Timex Torque Collection The Torque Collection from the American watch maker Timex is a fabulous blend of attitude and superior technology. The collection draws its inspiration from the elements of speed, power, and momentum. Its design grammar is based on the unconventional concept of an industrial look & feel, underlined with sporty accents. The Torque collection comprises 21 styles. It is mostly male, but also includes 2 special styles for women. The collection is priced between Rs 2,495 and Rs. 4995. You can check the complete Timex range here

More higher-end, peculiar watches
Pierre CardinIf you have a bigger budget, you can opt for a Pierre Cardin and Puma that come with an extra zing (the range is Rs 12,000 plus). You can have the Orchis from Xylys, available in silver Amethyst and Gold shades. It will make a good gift. You can keep in mind the needs and attitude of the person so that your gift is customized. For instance, to gift to a sea-lover (more specifically, a seafarer or a racing sailor), you may get the Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer (Rs 30,500). It comprises a pre-race timer.

A. Lange & Söhne” signature
A. Lange & SöhneThe precious wristwatches, which bear the A. Lange & Söhne signature, have their roots in the grand, proud history of Saxony. Their unique personalities coupled with intrinsic value are based on technical ingenuity, traditional elements of beautiful artistry and useful innovations. You can get one of their signature watches in specific outlets in leading metros.

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Gift Books on World Book Day celebrations

The World Book and Copyright Day has become established as the biggest global event aimed at promoting the pure joy of books and habit of reading. The day has been designated by UNESCO as a celebration of knowledge sharing through books. It’s marked in over 100 countries.

The celebrations are launched in March, with Britain stealing a march, literally over other countries. The origins of the day, celebrated in the UK & Ireland owe their origin to Catalonia, where books and roses were given as gifts on St. George’s Day to loved ones. In Catalonia, on 23 April (Saint George’s Day), for each book sold a rose is traditionally given as a gift. Most other countries hold World Book and Copyright Day on 23rd April every year.

Indeed, giving books as a gift can be a real meaningful gesture. According to a recent survey on gifting patterns conducted by Nielsen India, books were mentioned as their preferred gifting item by 49 per cent people. But the choice was found to be more popular with the mature group aged 45 and above.

To cater to them, many leading bookstore brands in India have opened spacious shops in leading metros of the country where book lovers can discover the pleasure of buying books. They can hang around for as much time as they wish to. One can see even youths leafing through books of their choice, lolling in comfy sofas with their favorite author or genre for company at these bookstores, which indeed is an encouraging sign.

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A piece of art: Valuable gifting idea from long-term perspective!

With stock market in a tailspin, people are looking to build a more diversified portfolio of investments that will cushion them against such random and rapid falls in equities. Indeed, stock markets world over have turned topsy-turvy in recent times as the indices have become hyper-sensitive to inflation, recession and any negative macro or micro-economic clues. Experts are advising investors to stay away from the stock markets, and rightly so!

Art as a Gift
It may be that one of your friends or family members have burnt their fingers in the stock market meltdown. Can you provide them with some succour? Do you want to suggest them an alternative avenue to park their hard-earned money to safeguard and grow it? Is there a way to assured wealth building in these uncertain times? Well, you need not harangue them on risk-free investing. What you need do is just buy a nice piece of art, and gift it to them. It’s bound to fascinate them. Then draw their attention to the fact that many high net worth individuals and non resident Indians are putting their money in art!

Art is now viewed not only as an object of pleasure but also as an attractive asset to hold. Especially, Indian art is emerging as a safe investment option, making it a valuable gift from long-term perspective. What better way of making your friends or family drawing to value investing in art than gifting them a piece of art? What thousand words can’t do, a piece of art will!

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Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Looking a Gift Horse in the MouthIn ‘America’s Sweetheart’, Billy Crystal’s character, super-publicist Lee dishes out pearls of wisdom on promotional strategies to his underling. One of them is this:

“Survival Rule no. 3, kid, you’re not here to love anybody, you’re here to promote a movie, that’s it – period. Say you’re here and you got word that your mother died, got hit by a bus or something. You go downstairs, shed a tear and say…It’s a shame, she would’ve loved this movie.”

And that’s how the cookie crumbles. Everything is about promotion and everybody wins in the game. The magazine editor wins with baskets of freebies, the movie producer wins with free merchandise that makes his characters look hip and the company wins with rising sales figures. It all began rather innocuously some time ago but burst in everybody’s face with Dil Chahta Hai where an MRF tyre was shot at close range from a stylish angle. Quite an ad.

Today it is all about selling the product, and boy does bollywood sell! Think ‘Bunty aur Babli’ when Rani Mukherjee’s patiala salwaars made sales shoot up. So clothing brands immediately latched on to what they rightly saw as a great promotional strategy. If Farah Khan wanted to sell Om Shanti Om, Shopper’s Stop wanted to sell its clothes; the two teamed up and the clothing brand stocked the movie’s clothing line, which ignited the 70s craze in Indian fashion. Kareena has donned a new look altogether for Globus and is all set to launch her own line of clothing through the company.

Today brands are in on the PR formula. Widespread advertisement through films (for a price of course) and goodwill promotion through corporate events is the best deal a brand can strike up, and the best way a corporation can reach out for mass appeal. It’s not for nothing that ABN Amro teamed up with fashion’s enfant terrible to design credit cards! Notepads do the best business for one is always needed at PR events to give to journalists. On a more strategic note, companies would do well to tie up with brands for their promotional schemes. Say, the editor of a new fashion magazine can easily rope in any company she wants for her launch party where several celebrities and socialites will be given gift baskets. Once the celebrity falls in love with the product she will definitely visit the store for more.

This is any company’s best bargaining tool. Whether it is a watch or a tyre or a shoe or a dupatta, the gifting strategy has more lanes and bylanes than the New York gridline and at the end of it all, everyone’s a winner.

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Promotion Gifts: An Ideal Corporate Gifting Strategy!


Gifting is an art and if used to its potential it can be converted into a fantastic marketing tool. Promotional items used as corporate gifts create an irremovable impact in the mind of the receiver and harness fruitful long-term relations. Corporate promotional gifts not only make the receiver feel important but also help the gifting person’s brand enter into his potential client’s consideration set.

There is an excessive amount of choice available for promotional gifts for different purposes e.g. desktop items such as weasel calendars or desk calendars, paperweights, photo – frames etc. are extremely useful gifts. And when the company’s name is etched on these, it gives extremely high recall value. Other kind of gifts can be displayed on the wall such as paintings, murals etc. that carry the company’s logo and act as a constant reminder for the client.

Ultimately, what matters is that the gift that you choose must promote you, your company and your brand’s goodwill. That is all what promotional gifts stand for. Do not forget to write a small note along with a gift that speaks about why you are gifting and what makes it so special for you to gift the receiver.

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Chocolate: The Sweet Taste Of Corporate Gifting!


We all love chocolates, don’t we? (exceptions excused…)

Chocolates are favorites of all the gifts that we give each other and everyone happily accepts chocolates with a huge smile on their face.

Chocolates definitely make an impression and that too, chocolates help you connect with each other very nicely. The sweet taste of mouth watering chocolates leads us to ask more for it, and that particular want is the defining USP while corporate gifting chocolates to clients, employees or even an ordinary person.

Especially, corporate gifting premium quality chocolates are the ideal way to enhance your relationship to the next level.

Chocolates can be useful highly as a brand promotional tool by gift-wrapping the chocolate boxes with a company logo’s watermark imprinted on it.

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Corporate Gifting For Trade Shows and Press Conferences!


Trade shows and press conferences remain as a very good opportunity to make a connection with prospective clients, build a goodwill around the brand and its products, make customers aware about your products very well, generate direct responses, and build a relationship for a long term period.

The most important aspect of an event is to maximize the extent of promoting a brand and its products which further helps in attracting a lot of customers.

So, How can we maximize the extent of promoting a brand and its products?

Well, The best way to do it is through corporate gifting. Corporate gifting enables you to even brand your gift. That’s where the opportunity is. Imagine a situation, where you have gifted a mug or preferably a t-shirt which has the logo of your brand/company on it. You would be able to maximize the extent of promoting your brand and their products very naturally. Your corporate gift will speak for you. Ain’t that good enough?

Moreover, organizing a corporate gifting contest every hour at a trade show would provide you with maximum mileage for your company, brand and products. You can even have some free give aways for all those people who visit your stall. Though these are general trade practices already found at a trade show, you can always come up with a creative idea that sounds good to all people visiting your stall. Sounds good? do comment on what you feel about the same.

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