Innovative Ideas To Make Your Colleagues Feel Good On ‘Be Positive Day’

Here are some more tips on eve of the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day that’s just round the corner.

Be Positive Day
Don’t have lunch at your desk: Consider heading out to a lovely local park instead of a fully air-conditioned restaurant with your colleagues. Go outdoors where you might enjoy your packed food. If you happen to work nearby your home, it’s a perfect idea to venture back and watch a funny TV show with your colleagues, and then jog back to office.
Tune in to music during the day: Listening to the music breaks up the monotony of work. You can share your CDs, MP3s and discuss your tastes with your colleagues. A little game of ‘Name That Tune’ even while busy doing your work will make your time pass by faster and also help you bond with your colleagues.

Plan a charity and get colleagues involved: Organize a monthly charity event to raise funds for some good cause. This will inspire your coworkers to join you. Instead of asking for donations, you can organize an event with some entry fee to get everyone involved. It will really be a lot of fun!
Read aloud inspiring quotes, poems, thoughts, jokes during your lunch & other breaks: If you like to read, make it a habit to read aloud during your breaks instead of grabbing a snack or sitting outside with a cigarette alone. Reading aloud inspiring quotes, poems, thoughts, jokes will take everyone’s mind off work and make their day a little more pleasant.

What else can we do to make our colleagues happy? Do you have more ideas? You can definitely share them with us. Such intangible stress-busters are the best gifts that you can give to stressed professionals in a highly demanding corporate culture. That’s the very essence of the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day.

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HLD: Have your Chinese Lantern Day at office

February 21 is Chinese Lantern Day and we suggest you take full advantage of the occasion to get some unusual gifts for your friends and colleagues at the office. Everybody loves Chinese lanterns – they’re quirky, fun and add a party element to a room.

You can get Chinese lanterns anywhere. The shops are easy to spot – they have large lanterns in various shapes, sizes and colours hanging outside. These paper lanterns have long been considered works of art and there is so much to choose from a decision can be quite mind-boggling!

For the office it is always advisable to get one of the less flamboyant ones. Opt for a smaller size and possibly a more straitlaced shape. If an office party is coming up, you can always go for a large dragon for the entrance or stars to hang from the ceiling. Where the office is concerned always have a pre-determined spot where the lantern will be set up and buy accordingly. It is important that you do not step out of bounds in the work arena and give a frivolous impression. When opting to personally gift a lantern to a colleague, choose a relatively small one as setting it up will end up being quite a task if the person does not live in a big house. Gifting a business partner or your own boss? A large dragon for his or her office foyer is a great idea – it symbolizes strength, power and productivity. Bold colours are more suitable in this last case, but for your own office choose something that is not quite so startling and distracting. Muted, ‘pretty’ colours do the trick when it comes to the office.

A Chinese lantern can brighten up anyone’s day with its unusual shape and the warm light that it throws upon the room. Much better than the usual staid lampshades, don’t you think!

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Chinese New Year’s Eve and the Lantern Festival celebrations

As is the case with most Chinese festivals, there’s an intriguing legend behind the famous Lantern Festival. It’s the Legend of Yuanxiao. Yuanxiao was said to be a beautiful maid in an emperor’s palace. Despite her opulent way of living, Yuanxiao yearned for her family and wanted to be home during Chinese New Year. The legend goes that the maid lied to the emperor about the God of Fire secretly having forewarned her that he planned to burn down the city. She asked the emperor to make the city appear like it was already burning so the God wouldn’t then bother them. The worried emperor took her warning seriously and ordered that the entire court and city be decorated with colored lanterns.

He also ordered firecrackers to be burnt for giving feel of a big fire. The palace was so engrossed in the preparations that Yuanxiao managed to sneak home!
Chinese Lantern Festival
New Year’s Eve and the Lantern Festival especially, taking a cue from the above incident, signify family bonding. This is the time when all family members gather for eating, dancing and shou sui (staying up all night), to mark the occasion. According to a curious custom, rice dumplings are had at midnight. Hence the Lantern Festival is popularly called ‘Round Dumpling Festival’ Tens of thousands of local people and even foreigners visit the annual exhibition of lanterns of uncountable shapes, sizes and pretty colors to welcome the traditional Lantern Festival.

The Lantern festival marks the 15th day of the 1st month of the Chinese lunar calendar. This year (2008) the festival takes place on February 21. It marks the culmination of the fortnight-long Chinese New Year holidays and celebrations. According to the lunar calendar, the New Year of the Rat started on February 7, 2008.

Yuanxiao on Chinese Lantern Festival

As is the norm, all major festivals in any part of the world set the stage for exchange of gifts. These festivals also act as a perfect means for building and enhancing the brand association for most business houses, allowing them to build a rapport with their clients. Of course, one needs to give a deep thought to the kind of gifts to be offered. The gift should be meaningful enough so that the recipient feels like using or preserving it.

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A Touch Of Liquid Gold To Liven Up The Ol’ Red And Green


Looking for a Christmas gift that exudes elegance, commemorates celebration and truly captures the essence of the Christmas season? Vintage Wines Private Limited, creators of the premium Reveilo wine label, have launched the perfect solution for you – an elegant wine gift set that makes for an ideal complement to the sprit of Christmas. Custom create your gift by choosing from a selection of Reveilo wines that include the award winning Chenin Blanc and the newly launched dessert wine – the deliciously flavoured Late Harvest Chenin Blanc (LHCB), created in consultation with Italian winemaker – Andrea Valentinuzzi. It is a perfect gift this Christmas. The attractive gift box can fit two wines, chosen by especially by you, and are priced upwards of Rs. 1010.

The creation of LHBC was quite an unexpected twist for the company. In early April, six months after pruning, the grapes had started turning into raisins. Andrea Valentinuzzi’s visit from Italy had been delayed; when he arrived, he found inspiration in the sun-dried over-ripe berries for a delectable dessert wine. A selection of five tonnes of over-ripe grapes were individually hand-sorted and made into 2500 litres of exclusive Reveilo Late Harvest Chenin Blanc Dessert wine. The LHCB is priced at Rs 845 for a 375 ml bottle.

“The Late Harvest Chenin Blanc has a lovely golden hue and an underlying aroma reminiscent of honey and scorched almonds,” says Mr Yatin Patil, Director of Vintage Wines. “These intertwine on the palate with impressions of liqueur and dried apricots. It is mouth-filling, rich and sweet, but has retained enough edge to provide it with perfect balance. Though our first batch was fortuitous, we plan to continue with this wine range as it is being highly appreciated by premier dining establishments and wine enthusiasts.

A big ho! ho! ho! to that!

Currently Reveilo wines are available in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik & Bangalore, and plan to increase their presence to Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad and the other prime metros and mini-metros.

Pairing Dessert Wine

A good general rule to follow is that the wine should be sweeter than the food it is served with.  A perfect peach is an oft used example as an ideal partner for a dessert wine.  A challenging example would be a chocolate or toffee based dessert.  Dessert wines are often paired with a bakery sweet; consider a baked good with a hint of a bitter flavor, like an almond biscuit or almond topped croissant. Chocolates, after-mints, strong cheeses like Stilton, Gorgonzola or other mustiness cheeses and rich biscuits at tea time are wonderful companions to dessert wine.

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Corporate Gifting To Celebrate Birthdays!


A birthday is special to everyone and it must celebrated to make it memorable forever. It is a day when we celebrate the birth and existence of our beloved friend/colleague/family member/relatives. Gifting a person on a birthday is not only essential just because everyone does so but to show a mark of respect, love and friendship.

In most corporations, birthdays of employees might be frequent every few days. A company has to take special care to make sure they wish their employees “A Happy Birthday” in a very special way. A company has to make sure that they give a special message to their employees on birthdays. The special message could be anything like:

You’re a Special One, and We feel Special to have you with us. We are delighted that on this day! You were born and We wish you a very “Happy Birthday!”. May God Bless You and May All Your Dreams Come True.

We long to see you with us, possibly, forever in our endeavors.

On Behalf Of The Company Management,

D. G. Singh. 

On this day, a small surprise party with a special cake can be a great thing to have. Along with it, there should be a gift that the company must give to the employee whose birthday is being celebrated. The gift could be a box of chocolates, gift vouchers,  a nice t-shirt or even something that the employee would love to buy.

Celebrating employee birthdays with warmth is a must and corporate gifting on employee birthdays helps promote the company’s goodwill.

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Corporate Gifting For Thanks Giving Day!


Today is Thanks Giving Day!

Thanks Giving Day is celebrated across the world to express gratitude to god.

Thanks Giving Day is a day when all friends and relatives get together to gift each other and enjoy a feast. It is the day when everyone gets together to pray as a community and share jokes, thoughts, ideas and a lot of fun. It is also a day when people thank each other by sending greeting cards, poems, loving messages of ‘thanks’ and much more.

A beautiful way to say “Thanks” to each one in your company on this Thanks Giving Day would be by giving a beautiful corporate gift, especially a greeting card that expresses ‘thanks!’ in beautiful words of wisdom and a bunch of exquisite chocolates will be a good deal.

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Corporate Gifting Tips During Weddings!


A wedding for most Indian people is once in a life-time affair. Indian culture is so diverse and rich in tradition that an Indian wedding is performed in its most natural, religious and traditional way.

If its the case that your employee is getting married in the most religious and traditional manner, there are some corporate gifting tips an employer must not forget.

The employee is special to an employers business and so is the employees spouse. An employer must gift not only to the employee but also gift his/her spouse. This way, an employer can also encourage and motivate a relationship with the newly wed spouse and create a very good image of the company.

Corporate gifting a not very expensive set of gold jewelry for both the employee as well his spouse with a bouquet of flowers will definitely prove the employers reputation of being a very good company. A set of traditional crockery would also be a good gift if in case, an employer chooses to gift an inexpensive gift.

A very romantic corporate gift to the newly weds such as a honeymoon package would be awesome.

An employer must not forget to brand the gift by wrapping the gift meticulously in an artistic manner so as to create a smile on the employees face.

Most importantly, a greeting card that expresses blessings of a long happy married life is certainly a must. An employer must not forget to express his good wishes to the employee and his/her newly wedded spouse.

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Pepsi Promoting Gifts Through Employees!!

Diwali’s around the corner and pepsi is making sure that they aren’t left behind.
This year Pepsi has launched 19 festive packs to celebrate the occasion of Diwali which consumers can buy and gift.. not only that they have also roped in their employees to participate in the occasion.

Pepsi will be conducting an internal contest for the employees wherein they will have to sell PepsiCo gift packs to their family members, friends. Now that’s a different approach to selling!! Not only that pepsi is also giving Rs2 from every gift pack that is sold which will be donated to charity to the NGO “CRY” which will be a part of their Diwali celebration.
The festive packs comprise an assortment of brands – Pepsi, 7UP and Mirinda and Mountain Dew along with Tropicana juice and juice based drink Slice.
What Pepsi is doing is that’s its making their employees a part of the Diwali process and by making it a contest they are also ensuring that sales take place. Also what it does is it creates goodwill for the company through the employees as employees will promote the activity as they are a part of it. And in the bargain they are also doing charity which without saying is a very noble cause.

Its not a corporate gift to their employees but it still does the work ie brand promotion. The problem arrives when companies expect a lot from their employees and force them to make sales.

Remember employees talk, even if u may have achieved your sales target, you have lost out on something more precious and that ie employee goodwill and satisfaction.

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Corporate gifting: Wishing Your Boss ‘A Happy Bosses Day’


Bosses are special because they are the ones who make sure that you are always feeling good while working for them within their company. Bosses motivate each and every one around them so that they grow into highly developed human beings. And so..

Bosses do deserve something very special.

This is the reason why “Happy Bosses day” is celebrated each year on the 16th of October.

Our bosses deserve something special in appreciation of their sincere help, kind words and inspiring actions.

A celebration, a party, or even a special corporate gift that would make them realize their intrinsic value in our eyes would be an ideal choice.

Bosses are unique in their own way. Gifting a boss is very different from gifting your very own colleague who sits right next to you.

As we asked the proprietor of Classic Themes, Ms. Shilpa Shah about gifting bosses,

She said:

A gift that makes the bosses wife happy should be given because if she is happy so is he.”

An employee must be carefully aware about the likings and dis-likings of their bosses. More crucially, bosses must not be presented with premium priced gifts that would annoy them.

Gifting a premium bouquet to your boss that is filled with fresh red roses, a well designed card and a simple box of chocolates can make your boss happier than ever.

Ultimately what matters is the relationship between the employee and his/her boss. The relationship must remain constant no matter what the situation. The spirit of well-being in the relationship must grow and the best way to make the situation better is to gift an item that would fill your bosses heart with joy.

And.. wish him.. “A HAPPY BOSSES DAY”.

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