Environmentally friendly jute and the role of NJB

Jute craft is one of India’s most unique crafts. Long before the invention of polymeric fibres, natural fibres were spun to make yarns and yarns were woven to make cloth, ropes and similar products. Jute fibres derived from the plant of the same name were in the initial stages used to manufacture sackcloth and hessian principally. Over the years, with the advancement of technology, versatility of jute fibres has been discovered. Read More

A personal coffee harvest as a gift to clients – how does that sound?

My Coffee Farm based in Seattle, WA has come up with a unique corporate gifting proposition that gives professionals as well as business owners an excellent opportunity to deepen their bond with clients by opting to share personal harvest with the latter. The idea is to show your sense of larger social responsibility that will come with the gift. This is a uniquely personal gesture that is bound to intensely resonant with your important clients, claims the company. Read More

Spotlight on upcoming GIFTEX exhibition

Wholesalers and retailers of Gifts, Stationery and Home Products are amongst India’s most versatile entrepreneurs who do multiple businesses, depending on the season, right from school supplies to office stationery, greeting cards, gifts and houseware. These traders have an uncanny business ability to change with the seasons. Set-up and nurtured by Giftex, these entrepreneurs visit the exhibition looking for new products, services and networking opportunities. Read More

Fountains make a fabulous New Year gift

In this blog post, we try to see out how to help your friend or colleague to make his home or office settings more beautiful.Water, as all of us are aware of, is considered to form the true ‘essence of life’. It’s the ‘serene spirit of life forces. The same finds apt expression in modern designs. Fabulous fountains – outdoor and indoor – offer a captivating connection to nature and infuse calmness. Read More