What really is the secret of wealth building?

Have you been striving for long to discover the secret to wealth creation? Have you been unable to do so, and have started believing you will never be able to fulfill your dreams? How can you turn around your constant struggle into a lasting success? What really is the secret of wealth building?

To start with, you need to grasp a few basic theories that act as a stepping stone to become wealthy.

Change your beliefs and thought process 
To become wealthy, your habits, thoughts, self-image, emotions and motivation must all be aligned towards fulfilling that single goal. Remember, success hinges invariably on your frame of mind. All riches begin as a state of mind. The key is not the mindless pursuit of wealth, but changing your attitudes and beliefs.

Success is a matter of mental attitude
The author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, Stephen Covey, has rightly mentioned:” Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns constantly express our character and (thus) produce our effectiveness or ineffectiveness. If your self-instructions are negative, your achievements will always be negative. Conversely, when your self-instructions are positive, you will achieve much more.

Ability to choose a money-making vehicle
Apart from developing a positive mindset, other keys to wealth creation are ability to choose a money-making vehicle and to learn how it works, and then to actually make it work. Wealth creation is not about mere luck; it is the byproduct of implementing an appropriate strategy. Remember, applied knowledge is power.

Information without action is of no worth
Information without action is of no worth. We are great at giving excuses like lack of time and lack of money to invest. The real reason is we fail to turn knowledge into action. We do not really utilize what we have learned. 

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Perfect handsets for basic users

Global slowdown has failed to damp the spirits of the ‘mobile’ spirits. However, the budgets have curtailed a bit, and one of the important decisions is how much to spend on a new handset apart from what features to look for. As you would know, more the features, higher the price tag of your phone.

If you are looking to give a handset as a gift, we suggest some good handsets for basic users. We can broadly club major half of the new-generation mobile phone users as basic types.

What a basic user really needs is ample phonebook memory for stashing away his or her contacts, an intuitive user interface for organizing SMS and phonebook, a solid service, with a steady SMS platform, and a good keypad.

When it comes to gifting a mobile phone to such a user, you have a wide array of choice, in terms of price and model. One such basic ‘emergency’ phone for talking and texting purpose is MotoYuva EM325 from Motorola. Available at a best-buy price of roughly Rs 5,000, this slider phone offers many practical functions, such as FM Radio and one-touch access to music library.

This entry-level handset does not leave you without a handy camera. The EM325 includes a 1.3 megapixel camera and a USB port for quick data transfer as well as back-ups, Bluetooth and a 1.8” color screen. Its battery time is just up to 7.5 hours.

If you want to give a more funky-looking model, nice Nokia sets are available at Rs 5,800. Seek Nokia 5130 XpressMusic. It’s considered a mass-market handset that caters to on-the-go music lovers.

A 2-inch TFT display plus a stereo, FM radio, a 3.5mm std. audio jack for earphones, a 2-megapixel camera and,  make this an efficient candybar phone. It has a 1GB internal memory expandable to 8GB via microSD slot that comes at an extra cost).

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Value picks for corporate or personal gifting

In our last blog we checked in a store, New Delhi’s Play Clan store that offers Artifacts which are politically correct and simultaneously, entertaining and humorous!

For instance, you can get a charming coaster with illustrations of the Goddess Saraswati with a little tale penned at the back. This is a unique branding style that they follow for all their accessories. “We try to weave a story, and then find different platforms for expressing each of them. We carry a small little write-up on each theme at the back of every product,” Himanshu Dogra, the brain behind it, explains.

A bunch of their exclusive products are available at select outlets like Kimaya and Malini Ramani’s Goa store. But this small Delhi space symbolizes the Clan at its best. The way the store has been designed gels with the whole idea behind it. They wanted it to be project as a graphic showcase. The yellow wall and the clones’ illustrations represent common people like us. They have displayed the frames and pillows to create a unique ambience.

It serves as a compact space. The open glass cabinets host smaller things like colorful illustrated journals, badges, coffee mugs and DVD holders. Prices have been kept moderate, which is important from a buyer’s perspective. They start from Rs 260 onwards. The items are indeed affordable for everyone, making them a true value pick for corporate or personal gifting.

Located at the Select City Mall in Saket and spread over mere 250 sq ft, Play Clan is a brainchild of Illum Designs that is branding for the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week 2009.

This is Play Clan’s flagship store. Apart from the one at Select CityWalk, two more are on their way. One has already opened at The Garden of Five Senses. Another one is coming up in Mumbai. According to Himanshu Dogra, the brain behind it, their production is still small-scale. This is because they are keen on maintaining a sense of exclusivity. The idea is to keep each artifact personal.

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Swiss Military Products are perfect for gifting


Outlining their vision, Swiss Military Products SA mentions: “Today’s youths have leapfrogged from the socialist culture to the more money spending one. They are brand conscious and hardly have qualms about flaunting the same. The ego enhancing image is now considered ‘cool’! Disposable income and independent decision making makes the new generation take risks. We vow to fulfill their dreams by bringing eclectic items with unmatched quality to them.

They also endeavor to establish themselves as a corporate gifting brand. Explaining the rationale, they mention: “Large multinational business houses would much rather like to associate with a successful and popular worldwide brand rather than an unbranded item that could be manufactured in any part of the Asian world without any commitment to quality. The core of their operating philosophy is delivering Swiss quality at affordable prices.”

This is well reflected in the Swiss military & Alpine Club range of products, including exclusive collection of Swiss-made accessories that are elegant, comfortable and timeless. They are exclusively created to please the receiver and ensure that you deliver personal satisfaction through your gift thanks to its durability and functionality.

What makes their products desirable are quality and designs tuned to international trends. Swiss Military and Alpine Club are for those who want the best in terms of performance and looks! 

The ultimate storage solution

You might have noticed your friend, colleague or one of your relatives need a capable media storage and organizational solution that will integrate into their home environment solution. Zip-up binders and CD Towers, unfortunately no longer meet the people’s needs.

However, now there is no need to worry as far as media storage is concerned. Innovative solutions are being evolved to match the consumer demands. discgear is one of them. It acts as the ultimate storage solution, and here is why?

discgear is perfect for those who are ‘organizationally inclined’ and ‘technically savvy’. It’s sure a complete media storage system that will offer a user a superb collection of storage products and software.

Music lovers with help pf Discgear can now ably organize and retrieve stacks of software CDs, data discs, as well as music CDs, with the new discgear system.

The movie and music buffs do not often know how really to manage their ever burgeoning media library, DVD, Blu-Ray, Wii, Xbox, PS3 and Computer Software.  But the trendy discgear units will provide them a respite. It can hold disks in a rugged carry-around case, that’s heat-n-scratch resistant. It comes with compact, double-sided self-cleaning, sleeve-dividers.

It’s a gift that scores not only on looks, but also on functionality, and is bound to be appreciated.