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Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ)

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is one of the seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates (UAE), along with Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Less than an hour’s drive from Dubai. RAK offers a strategic geographical location that helps companies easily take advantage of the trade flows between East and West.

In the recent years, RAK has witnessed tremendous economic growth and has developed as a global manufacturing destination, which arose from the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah. Today, RAK has the highest level of industrialization in the UAE, with manufacturing at 26% of the GDP. Strong diversification across multiple sectors has also taken place in the emirate, including not only manufacturing but also services, trading, and tourism.

To further maintain the emirate’s position as a beacon for global entrepreneurship and innovation as well as provide broader business opportunities and incentives to investors, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) was launched.

RAKEZ is a powerhouse business and industrial hub that offers wide-ranging customizable solutions to investors from all over the globe. Presently, RAKEZ houses over 14,500 multinational companies and thousands of freelancers from more than 100 countries, covering over 50 industries, making it one of the largest economic zones in the region.

RAKEZ uniquely offers free zone and non-free zone entity formations and provides its clients easy access to fast-growing markets in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, South, and Central Asia through the major logistical hubs available in the emirate. These include an international airport; multi-lane superhighways that connect to the rest of the Emirates and neighboring countries; and five seaports, led by Saqr Port, the largest bulk handling port in the Middle East.

The authority is a customer-focused entity offering a high level of ‘ease of doing business’ through its simplified business set-up processes and first-class services in one-stop shops. From licensing, visa, leasing and other support services, clients can accomplish everything in one location.  RAKEZ one-stop shops also serve as a focal point to various government entities, relieving the clients from the task of approaching various entities just to submit their applications.

Committed to meet individual company needs, RAKEZ provides a variety of facility choices. For entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers, the economic zone offers cost-effective shared workstations. SMEs looking to build a permanent presence in the market can choose from offices of various sizes located in premier business centers. Manufacturers and traders, on the other hand, can set up their operations in RAKEZ’s state-of-the-art warehouses or build their own facilities in land plots of unlimited sizes.

RAKEZ has six specialized zones to cater to various industries, these include: RAKEZ Business Zone for the service and commercial industries; Al Hamra, Al Ghail and Al Hulaila Industrial Zones for manufacturing and large industrial projects; RAKEZ Academic Zone for educational institutions and service providers; and RAKEZ Media Zone, which serves media firms and professionals.

In addition to a wide range of customizable solutions for existing clients and potential investors, RAKEZ offers far-reaching support with three local offices in Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and international offices in India and Germany.

A leading economic zone, RAKEZ is dedicated to global attracting investors to underpin Ras Al Khaimah’s thriving economy and nurture them in its cost-effective ecosystem where businesses effectively collaborate and grow.

Meet RAKEZ and other 150 plus exhibitors at Giftex 2019. 2nd to 5th August 2019. For Visitors Registration please visit –

List of Top Lifestyle Corporate Gifts

Find out the top trending lifestyle products as corporate gifts.

Want to impress your clients with a corporate gift that makes your brand stay on their mind? The key to it is to provide clients with a gift that is relevant, something that has a high utilitarian value and can be used for a long time. This is where simple lifestyle products like tumblers and mugs come in the picture. Just keep in mind the demographic and cultural needs of your client and select a product that will have maximum utility. Do not forget to place your logo rightly on the product to remind the user of your brand every time they use it.

Here are our top picks to be your ideal corporate gifts.

1.    Bamboo Fibre Coffee mug with lid – There must be so many coffee/tea addicts you come across in your day to day life. What could be a better gift for a coffee lover than a mug that will keep their coffee hot that too without adding to the plastic pollution? Attractive and handy, this gift will make them remind of your brand with each refreshing sip.

2.    Towel set – A product as basic as a towel can do wonders as a corporate gift if proper branding is done. Light in weight and utilitarian, a towel or a towel with your brand logo imprinted on it makes a great choice.    

3.    Phone case – Mobile has become an inseparable part of our lives and thus has also become an excellent opportunity to make your branding reach the maximum audience. To make phone cover as your corporate gift with your logo imprinted on it will not only make the brand name stuck on the user’s mind but will also increase the brand reach.

4.    Backpack – Backpacks are the top selling types of bags. Comfortable, spacious and affordable it is the best product to make your brand reach out to more and more audience.

5.    Glass tumbler – Summers are here and we know how necessary it is to keep oneself hydrated. A glass tumbler helps to keep the water cold in summers and also lets you heat the water safely in an oven in winters. Making a glass tumbler your corporate gift will make your brand stay on their mind and also send a good message about your company’s image.      

Giftex has an array of product to choose from, that will help your brand get a better reach and strengthen your rapport with the clients.

To get a variety of options ready to be your promo products, Visit Giftex.

SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

Tech Savvy Corporate Gifts

Here is your list of 2019’s popular tech savvy corporate gifts.

From letters to emails and computers to tabs, digitalization has changed a lot over a time and this transition can be witnessed in the new age corporate gifting options. Corporate gifting has now a range of high-tech products that too with logo imprinted accessories to make the best branding opportunities. There are devices which are need of the time and then there are devices as luxury devices. You can choose device as your corporate gift that is crucial in today’s time like power bank or USB flash drives. Or you can pamper your tech savvy client with current devices like smart watch. Here is a list of 2019’s top tech savvy products.

  • Power Bank
  • Hard Drives
  • Selfie Stick
  • Flying Drones
  • Fitness Tracker Watches
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Stylus Pen
  • Laser Pointer
  • Flash Drives
  • Headphones
  • Virtual Reality Glasses

Giftex has some of the best Indian and international tech brands with quality products. Electronics has always been important in gifting industry. All you need is to make a right choice by choosing a relevant device and do the right branding.

To get a variety of options ready to be your promo products, Visit Giftex.

SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

Customized Mugs and Drinkware as Corporate Gifts

Learn the reasons why mugs and drinkware make an ideal corporate gift.

Want to promote your brand differently? Promote your brand with an attractive tea set or a personalized coffee mug. Drinkware provides you with various material options from stainless steel to plastic that will give you cost flexibility. Here are a few more reasons why you should take advantage of this promotional product and make it your corporate gift.

It is a known fact that drinkware has enjoyed a long fan following in the corporate gifting industry. Be it a mug on the office desk, a travel mug on a trip or a tea set at home. You can spot promotional drinkware everywhere. The best part about drinkware is that it is available in various colors, styles and materials. There is no doubt that it provides a great brand reach be it in a car, office, public transport or anywhere else. The fact is that people are drinking tea, coffee, soft drinks, water, something or the other and this makes a great choice to make drinkware your promotional product. There is a wide array of products like travel mugs, sports bottles and other drinkware for the perfect promotional item, all you need to do is find your client’s need. Also, custom mugs and drinkware offer a large area for maximum exposure of your company name and logo, which makes it a favourite in corporate gifting.

One must always keep themselves hydrated on and off the course. And with this, you must make sure your company name and logo should flash on the tumblers, bottles or mugs that you select as corporate gifts to remind your clients of your brand’s refreshing business practices with every sip. One can also utilize the space inside it for promotion by putting flyers/business cards inside the tumbler.

Giftex has a wide range of options from unbreakable tea sets to personalized coffee mugs and from travel mugs to bar sets.

To get a variety of options ready to be your promo products, Visit Giftex.

SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

Promotional Bags As Corporate Gifts

Make a stylish way of organizing your corporate gifts.

What does make a great corporate gift? A balanced mixture of style and utility is what makes a product stay for a long time with the receiver and thus makes it an ideal corporate gift. As more and more devices are brought into the market, so are the opportunities to do branding with a smart bag. From duffle bags to sling bags and back packs, there is a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to bags. There is a bag for each personality and profession. Not just that, bags are also convenient when it comes to put branding. It allows you to place your logo conveniently on your chosen design. Also, bag being portable and carried from one place to other increases the brand reach.  Here is a simple guide to make promotional bag.

  1. Set a budget for your corporate gifts
  2. Choose a type of bag that would complement both the receiver as well as your brand
  3. Choose color and design
  4. Finalize logo placement and other branding details
  5. Select an attractive packaging
  6. Place order in time to make your corporate gifts ready in time

Giftex has a wide range of promotional briefcases, messenger bags, and computer portfolios that offer a durable and stylish way for your clients to keep their devices, files, and folders. There is a solution for each business to strengthen it client and company relation with the right corporate gift.

To get a variety of options ready to be your promo products, Visit Giftex.

SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

High-end Corporate Gifting

Here is your guide to personalized corporate gifts for the esteemed clients

What is high-end corporate gifting? High-end corporate gifting is gifting to your esteemed clients or executives. These are the people with a regal taste and thus hard to impress. It is a huge challenge to find an apt promotional product for high level executives. You need to go through a long list of products to find a high-quality and functional gift that will suit the taste of your elite receiver. The gift has to have the class and style as your executive clients only then they will use it.  You need to choose a gift that they will carry in style at their business meetings or other corporate events or at least the one that will stay in their office for a long period. Giftex offers an array of options in executive gifts from the simple ones to most extravagant ones and from the classic ones to the most recent ones. No matter what product you choose, you will get it personalized with your logo. Here are a few items that can make your high-end corporate gifting interesting.

  1. Silverware Desktop and Utility Products – Silverware products are one of the most elegant gifting options. Along with the value for money and a classic appearance, it is available in all kinds of options from idols to paperweights and photo frames to figurines.
  • Elite Food Hampers – There is seldom anyone who doesn’t love receiving food as gifts. A personalized gourmet food hamper with all the little things that your client likes is ought to be special. Be it a coffee hamper for caffeine addict or a handpicked chocolate hamper for choco lover or a healthy food hamper for health freak. Food hampers will never fail to create a good impression.    
  • Crystal Barware – If you are planning to choose gift for a client who is an alcohol connoisseur, there is no better gift than an attractive crystal barware set. This is one of the classic gifts to swear by as it can never go wrong.  
  • Cruise tickets – Impressing your rich clients is a task and what can be a better way to stay on someone’s mind other than an extravagant experience. Buy a ticket for an evening on an elite cruise and gift it to your high-end client.
  • High-end Watches – Some things never get old. No matter how much we say mobile phones have replaced watches, it can’t be true. The class and value a watch carries is irreplaceable. Gifting your high-end clients an elite branded watch like Rolex or Omega is a great idea and will never fail to impress.

To get a variety of options ready to be your promo products, Visit Giftex.

SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

Best Corporate Gifts For Employees

Here is your guide to select the best corporate gifts for employees.

No matter if it is a birthday, a work anniversary or project completion, it is always a good idea to appreciate your employee’s hard work. It is a myth that employees love receiving cash only. It is proved fact that employees are more happy receiving gifts that are of their interest and motivate them more as compared to giving out cash. The utilitarian products also stay for a longer time with the receiver reminding them of your brand. All you need is to find out which product fits your employees best. Is that very difficult? With a proper combination of utility and style, corporate gifts can stay with the receiver for years. Here is a list of types of employees and gifts that will fit their need. 

1.)    Organizer note pad set for economists – If you have any employees obsessed with numbers, the only way to impress them is a gift that has value for money. Economists are by nature practical and analytical, and hence their gift too shall have the same qualities. An organizer kit having a calculator, pens, notepad is a good option. Compact yet efficient, this makes a perfect choice.

2.)    A power bank for tech-enthusiast –Every office has a person who is a go-to person for any tech related queries. These tech enthusiasts are usually seen on their tabs and mobile phones and thus the one thing is sure, that they are in need of a charger very often. What better good can be for them than a power bank. Just make sure it is of good quality.

3.)    Travel bag for travel enthusiast – If you are looking forward to choosing a gift for your travel enthusiast employee, go for travel back without having any second thoughts. A strong and comfortable travel bag that makes the travel experience easy is a great corporate gift.

4.)     Fitness kit for health enthusiasts – Have come across an employee who opts for staircases instead of the elevator and sticks to healthy food over the junk. Well, these are the health conscious individuals and give more preference to healthy living. Giving out corporate gifts that will encourage their healthy habits is a great way to make your gift stay with them for a long time. A fitness kit with a gym bag, exercise ball, health bar and a fit-bit is a great idea.

To get a variety of options ready to be your promo products, Visit Giftex.

SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

The Benefits of Promotional Items – Part 3

Here is a list of promotional items that work best.

Promotional products are everyone’s favorite for many reasons. It is the only medium of advertising which has lower cost per impression than any other traditional advertising method.  

There is an array of options that promotional products provide to choose from depending on your need and budget. For example, a promotional pen and a branded bag’s worth per impression is different than the other. There is not just one promotional product, which is right. Apparel, safety products, bags, and tech accessories all manage to create a connection between receiver and the advertiser. 

Brand exposure is one of many advantages that promotional products bring in. When it comes to building a new connection, that is to crack new business promotional products help to give it a smooth start.  If you too are looking out for building a new business connection here is cue of items that would help you start a new business.

The first most striking promotional product for corporate clients is backpack. For special purpose you can choose a secure canvas backpack, equipped with a USB port and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) side pocket for your passport and credit cards to prevent identity theft. This high tech and classy backpack will make a great promotional product for your elite clients. 

The world of digitalization has made USB a must-have. A USB flash drive is undoubtedly one of the most useful promotional items and indispensable in any office. A USB is handy and can attach to a keychain, this eventually increases your brand reach.

Who doesn’t love receiving attractive drink ware?  Choosing mugs and tumbler to include in your promotional strategy can help you a lot to impress your clients. Focusing on extra personalization can help you stand out from others. For example a chalkboard ceramic mug that allows to write the owner’s name on it makes a great corporate gift.

No matter which promotional items you choose for your marketing mix, it assured that you will get a cost-effective way of earning your clients, employees and potential customer’s trust. To get options for promotional items for your campaign Visit Giftex.

SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

The Benefits of Promotional Items – Part 2

Here is a guide to making the most out of promo product’s advantages.

As our previous blog covered, one thing is clear that promotional products are an important part of the marketing mix. We have already discussed who are the people using promotional products and why are they using it. 

How Do Promotional Items Work?

There are various reasons for which promotional products can be used for example to break the ice between clients and company, attract new ones, to strengthen the bond with your existing customers to motivate employees and many more. Promotional products don’t just bear your company’s name and logo but deliver the message that your company wants to put across.  A study states that people receiving promotional products keep the product for a minimum up-to eight months depending on its utilitarian value. This proves that promotional products make a long-lasting impact in comparison with the traditional methods of marketing. At times, promotional products are given forward that increases the reach of your products than what you had aimed for. The lifespan of the promotional product in use depends on the type of product you are choosing and for whom.

Here are some advantages of including promotional products to your marketing mix

1. Increases Brand Visibility

With a good quality utilitarian product, you can be assured that your promotional product will be used for a longer time than any other advertising method. Once the product is out of reach it will still carry the brand recognition with the company logo. In case the product is given forward, it will increase the brand reach making it more effective.

2. Pocket-Friendly

There are variety of options that you can choose to be your promo product depending upon your need and budget. There is a promo product to fit each budget and purpose all you need to do is choose wisely.

3. Longer Life Span

Promotional products stay for a longer span than any other marketing pertaining to its utilitarian purpose. Also, they are re-gifted in some cases. This brings us to the conclusion that promotional products reach a wider audience than any other advertising.

4. Increases Loyalty

Giving away promotional products as corporate gifts speaks about the goodwill of your company and thus strengthens the bond between company and clients. A research data shows that 52% of people given a promotional item ended up doing business with that company.

5. Multipurpose

Versatility is a major plus point of promotional products. Promotional products give freedom to explore creative ways to promote your brand through promotional products. From packaging to customization it gives an array of options to place your branding.

To get a variety of options ready to be your promo products, Visit Giftex.

SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

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The Benefits of Promotional Items

Here is a guide to make the most out of promo product’s advantages.

To make a company grow and compete, marketing strategies need to be very effective and at the same time fit in the budget. Corporate gifts come into the picture for the same reason.

The traditional marketing methods are fading away as the new ones are stepping in. Also, a study shows that millennials go for the new marketing methods over the older ones. Corporate gifts that send the message of gratitude towards clients/employees and at the same time do the branding. Promotional products fitting the requirement rightly make an ideal corporate gift. It is observed that 8 out of 10 do keep promotional merchandise for over a year, and about 88% also have a more favorable impression of the brand as a result. 

Here are some benefits of using promotional products and how they can help make your brand memorable and trustworthy.

Who Uses Promotional Items?

If you look close around you, you’ll find that 8 out of 10 people use promo products on the everyday basis. Be it MNCs or small business or even startups, every business uses promo items to get the benefits of its branding ease. Here are the top industries where promotional materials do wonders:

  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Trade Show Marketers
  • Healthcare
  • Non-profit organizations

Why Use Promotional Products?

Send out a single promo product or make it a part of a complex marketing strategy, the effect is guaranteed.

Promo products increase the brand visibility and thus improve the outcome of marketing. A study says that adding promotional items. The same study concludes that despite people being bombarded with advertising messages, promotional products are effective in delivering their message accurate whilst being utilitarian.

A specific survey has shown that over 76% of the survey respondents remember the promo products they received over the past two years and the branding. This shows that the pro products have a long lasting effect on receivers and that too in the same or lesser price as required for traditional marketing.

To get a variety of options ready to be your promo products, Visit Giftex.

SAVE THE DATES: 2nd to 5th August 2019, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai.

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